Friends For Days Tag

So my first nominee did my Tag!! I’m so excited and so proud! Bea has done it beautifully and just the way I had imagined it. Please check the blogs she recommends, I will do it for sure!


ountry Wedding Club (1)

The amazing Cheila from Pink For Days has started her very own tag titled Friends For Days, how amazing is that? I personally, really enjoy it when people create their own tags, blog series’ or awards because we get to see how creative and insightful a person can be. Cheila started this tag as a means to get new or shy bloggers to engage in the blogging community which is amazing because this serves as almost like a welcoming party for new blogs.

Thank you so much Cheila for choosing me as one of the first people to do this tag, I feel honored and quite shocked that out of all the people you could have chosen you chose me. A message to everyone out there reading this, go on over to Cheila’s blog and check her out! Leave her some nice comments, some big likes and follow her…

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