Health for days journey – day 12

Hey there, dearest friend!!

I’m a little late with this post today because I decided to catch up on reading some blogs first. I don’t like being behind on my blog reading so that was first!

I’ve already had brunch, two pieces of toast, some coffee with milk and a glass of orange juice.

Yesterday I was not feeling well, so I ate random things throughout the day. It messed with my diet plan. I’m out of bananas today, so I couldn’t eat my regular banana oatmeal, which has become a favorite.

I watched a couple of episodes of Breaking bad last night and then the pilot for a series called Victoria, based on the Queen’s life. I thought it was pretty good and I will keep watching it!

My tasks have accumulated from yesterday, so today I need to pick up on things and get back to my routine, although I’m not feeling so energetic, I don’t know why.

Today’s list:

  • Take care of some laundry, my endless task;
  • Wash some dishes and clean the kitchen a little;
  • Tidy up the living room;
  • Make my bed, open the windows and tidy up the bedroom;
  • Cook dinner – I will make some roasted chicken with potatoes and cabbage!
  • Give Mr. R a list of a few things he needs to pick up from the store;
  • Get schedules right for tomorrow because I need to work for a few hours;
  • Go through our grocery budget. I am kind of disappointed because there’s only about 30 euros left. My milk is rather expensive so 10 euros was just for milk, which is almost over. We also needed coffee capsules and that alone was 12 euros. These small, more expensive things add up to our budget. I love challenges and I really wanted to keep this month’s grocery budget at 150 euros. There are many days left until the 23rd, with is our end of the month financially, and I think we are going to be over budget by then. I have to organize things better next month. I hope not to go over 175 for sure. That’s our limit. Which is pretty good, considering we were spending about 250. Anyhow, I still think 150 is enough for a month, for two people and my goal is to keep it that low. Sorry about the grocery rant.
  • Exercise!! My Popsugar Fitness video and/or my yoga video;
  • Read. I need to finish those two damn books!!
  • Do some pampering, hair mask, face and body exfoliation, shaving.
  • Drink enough water!

That’s it for now, guys.

Question of the day:

Do you have a grocery budget? Can you tell me about it? Can you stick to the budget? I would love to know how it works for you.




27 thoughts on “Health for days journey – day 12

  1. Ahh so you have been back at it 🙂 The laundry! Hee hee. I am a bit lame so ignore the laundry jokes. I also try and stick to a budget for our groceries. I think 150 is a good figure to go with. I think it is quite decent given that you have Rosa’s diet to care for too. At times ours shoots to 200 but then I love cooking at home so I consider that an investment.

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    • We always cook at home. We used to eat out so much!! I think our grocery budget will go over the 150 mark because of my new eating habits. I eat a lot of fruit, my milk is 1,38 a carton, while regular milk is 0,48 cents. Avocados, nuts and seeds are expensive too. Rosa’s food fits another part of our budget, along with her vet appointments, her flee medicine, internal parasite medicine, etc. We have everything divided into categories, and we have one for Rosa because pet expenses are now IRS deductible.

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    • I’ve had a green clay one on Sunday, that’s supposed to purify the skin. I need a moisturizing one now. In a few days, I will exfoliate. I try to alternate between these 3

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  2. Hi Cheila, I’ve nominated you for the Sunshkne blogger award! I know you’ve already done it, but I have put up different questions than last time if you want to take part. Have a great day! xx

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  3. My shopping budget is £25 a week but I try not to spend more than £20 a week. It’s always unfortunate when everything runs out in one go through! £20 is quite a lot for 1 person though and I’m basically vegetarian at uni. But when I was home last year we had a budget of about £80 a week for 4 of us which included things for packed lunches and household items. I don’t know if that helps at all?!

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    • I love to know it. So you spend about 20 for one person, if we spent 40 each week for two it would be 160. It’s about right the budget I want to keep. What are your staples that you buy every week?


      • I always buy bread, milk, bananas, apples (or another fruit), tomatoes and cucumber and then it’ll be whatever else I need for the meals I have each week or things that I’ve nearly run out of. £20 for one is hard though because things like cheese, meat and breakfast cereals soon bump the price up so you reach your budgets much quicker when there’s only one of you if that makes sense?

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  4. Well a list like that already would make me feel non-energetic. O actually recently read somewhere that if you have a to do list that is more than I think it was 5 you are more likely to get less done than if you have 2-4 items on your to do list. It made me start make a MUST do 2-4 item list and a IF I CAN list that was above the 2-4 items. It helped me feel like it was more achievable.

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  5. Hi must I say I look forward to reading theses posts every day and they put a smile on my face! You asked me how my test went, it was fine, I was quite stressed but I ate some chick ate and calmed down eventually, since I revised the test was ok for me! I was anxious after and I got test anxiety but then it calmed down a bit and I was fine. Thank you for all your tips and advice! I’m sure I aced my test! Positive thoughts xx

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  6. Roasted chicken sounds so good! I’m not in charge of the shopping in my household, but we always end up spending way too much as well.

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    • It was so good. I made it with roasted potatoes and cabbage with a little tomato sauce and olive oil and garlic. The cabbage got crunchy at the top. It was delicious and healthy!

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