Health for days journey – day 11

Hello buddies,

The journey continues. Today is day eleven. After a weekend of indulging I must go back to being good!! I’ve already had my usual oatmeal for brunch, just need some coffee and fruit now. I will get them right after this post.

I’m feeling extremely lazy today, I don’t feel like tidying the house or doing anything, really. I feel like watching a show or a movie and just chill. Being the type A that I am, I’m already judging myself over this. What do I do? Have a lazy day or get my butt up and do something productive? Vote! hahaha

The weekend was good, I’m having good days. Almost every day has been good.

I have a show to start watching called “Victoria”, about the queen. Someone recommended it in a post, I can’t remember who but I’m thankful because I love that kind of show.

Things I should do today but am not sure I ‘m going to because I’m lazy: (long ass tittle)

  • Laundry. There’s laundry again. Explain this to me, please. I think my house vomits laundry from the wall just to make me pissed;
  • Finish washing some dishes, like two or three;
  • Make bed;
  • Pick up a little around the house;
  • Send a few emails and take care of a few things;
  • Work out!
  • Read some blogs!
  • Read Harry Potter and Hellie;

So, this is it. I will do whatever I’ll do. See you later, friends.




11 thoughts on “Health for days journey – day 11

  1. I don’t like laundry either and the past few weeks, because I’ve been going to the gym almost every day, I feel like I have laundry duty almost constantly. But it’s for a good cause, or so I have to keep reminding myself.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I just subscribed.

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