Health for days journey – day 8

Hello dear friends,

Spring has sprung here (I read this in every blog, website, twitter, Facebook, so I needed to say the cliche myself, bear with me)

It’s a beautiful day. My mind immediately goes to laundry. What a beautiful day to hang laundry to dry hahaha


Last night I did my popsugar fitness workout and it kicked my butt again, even though I only did 15 minutes. Mr.R was watching, probably looking at my backside, and said he was impressed. Rosa said the same. I am impressed too, I never imagined myself saying I was going to workout and actually working out. So proud. Some things hurt today but it’s good. I was going to do my yoga routine just after but I couldn’t. I was too tired ans sweaty and my legs were like jello.

I realized one thing last night, since I’ve been home I stopped being sat in a chair for 12 hours. I know it’s obvious but I’ve only realized this last night, when I went to bed and was physically tired because when I’m home I don’t stop. I love doing chores and cleaning and cooking and I’m always moving, except for maybe 2 hours a day when I sit and blog/read blogs. I’m happy about this.

Today I was supposed to go to the city and teach, but my medication was increased so I was too “high” and sleepy in the morning to do anything. I feel a bit guilty. But I can’t. Rui said the priority is resting and that I don’t even have to work so why feel guilty? So I’m home, and I have plans:

  • I already have one load of laundry on the line, drying, and another one washing right now. You guys must think, “how do they have so much laundry?”. Let me tell you, I make the same question every day. We obviously change clothes every day, we use towels, kitchen towels, sheets… I don’t where it all comes from, but it’s here so thank God I like doing laundry. Folding is a different story but such is life! I have about two more loads to do and the Everest to fold;
  • I need to really clean that shower. Deep clean it. The shower the tiles, the door. I’m gonna bleach it. It tends to get soapy and moldy and I hate it;
  • I need to clean the bedroom. Dust is not good for us; I also need to make the bed, air my bedroom and then turn on the dehumidifier.
  • I need to vacuum and clean all floors.
  • I have texts and calls and emails to send and answer;
  • I need to make a study plan for my Italian. I have a test on April 4.
  • Wash dishes from last night;
  • Cook dinner;
  • Do my Popsugar fitness workout and my yoga routine!

Right now I’m sitting here, after eating my lunch. For breakfast I had the usual oatmeal. For lunch I had leftover Russian salad (with boiled potatoes, bell peppers, red cabbage, cucumber, sweet corn, beans, boiled carrots, boiled eggs, green beans and tuna), some orange juice and some yogurt. Now I’m going to make myself a cup of coffee and read some blogs and answer to some comments.

Love you guys,

See you later!



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