Hey loves,

I’m back to tell you about my day!

First of all, I have the feeling I ate too much. Which is a no-no!

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with a banana, seeds, honey and cinnamon.
  • Later: Two oranges and some nuts. Some coffee with milk.
  • Later: One glass of orange juice.
  • Later: Two pieces of toast and some milk with honey.
  • Dinner: Some Russian salad.
  • Now: A cup of decaf with milk.

It was a good day, anyway! Mr. R got home early and went to our veggie garden. He planted 100 onions!!! I’m impressed!

Let’s see how I did with my list:

  • Clean the kitchen; – Done; Only missed the floor! But cleaned stove and microwave;
  • Clean the bathroom; – Done; Only miss the shower because I need to get inside so I will clean it now, when I go shower;
  • Take advantage of the fact that it is not raining to do and air dry some laundry. Right now I have Rosa’s bath towel on the machine. That needs to be washed separately because of all the hair; – Have two loads drying and one waiting to be hung! Also two loads to fold and put away!
  • Update our grocery budget and do a meal plan for the next two weeks and a shopping list; – Done. And did our meal plan for the next two weeks, a shopping list, went shopping and put the groceries away!
  • Do a pampering session; – Will do now, in the shower;
  • Change my bed sheets and make the bed, dust, vacuum and mop the bedroom floor; – Didn’t clean the room but aired it for a few hours. Pulled the sheets out so will put new ones before bed;
  • See if the laundry I have drying in the garage is already dried and pick it up, fold it and put it away; – It was dried. Picked it up and it’s here to be folded;
  • Make the calls, send the texts and emails I need; – Made one call and sent one email; Half done!
  • Create my studying schedule (I have an Italian test on April 4);
  • Turn the dehumidifier on in the bedroom; – It’s on now;
  • Do a compiled Award post. I have more than 10 Awards to do and I don’t want to bother you so I will compile them all in one post, just answer the questions and nominate no one. – Done and published;
  • Do my popsugar fitness workout, twice. 30 minutes instead of an hour. – I’m dumb, I meant 30 minutes instead of 15. But will do only fifteen now;
  • Do my yoga before bed; – Will do it now, after the popsugar workout!

Tomorrow I will go to the city and teach for 5 ours. I will also go swimming and maybe see my therapist, if she has an opening for tomorrow!!

I feel great. The day started with me feeling a little sleepy and lazy but I fought against it and I manage to do mah Sh*t hahahah!

How was your day, guys?