Health for days journey – day 7 (update)

Hey loves,

I’m back to tell you about my day!

First of all, I have the feeling I ate too much. Which is a no-no!

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with a banana, seeds, honey and cinnamon.
  • Later: Two oranges and some nuts. Some coffee with milk.
  • Later: One glass of orange juice.
  • Later: Two pieces of toast and some milk with honey.
  • Dinner: Some Russian salad.
  • Now: A cup of decaf with milk.

It was a good day, anyway! Mr. R got home early and went to our veggie garden. He planted 100 onions!!! I’m impressed!

Let’s see how I did with my list:

  • Clean the kitchen; – Done; Only missed the floor! But cleaned stove and microwave;
  • Clean the bathroom; – Done; Only miss the shower because I need to get inside so I will clean it now, when I go shower;
  • Take advantage of the fact that it is not raining to do and air dry some laundry. Right now I have Rosa’s bath towel on the machine. That needs to be washed separately because of all the hair; – Have two loads drying and one waiting to be hung! Also two loads to fold and put away!
  • Update our grocery budget and do a meal plan for the next two weeks and a shopping list; – Done. And did our meal plan for the next two weeks, a shopping list, went shopping and put the groceries away!
  • Do a pampering session; – Will do now, in the shower;
  • Change my bed sheets and make the bed, dust, vacuum and mop the bedroom floor; – Didn’t clean the room but aired it for a few hours. Pulled the sheets out so will put new ones before bed;
  • See if the laundry I have drying in the garage is already dried and pick it up, fold it and put it away; – It was dried. Picked it up and it’s here to be folded;
  • Make the calls, send the texts and emails I need; – Made one call and sent one email; Half done!
  • Create my studying schedule (I have an Italian test on April 4);
  • Turn the dehumidifier on in the bedroom; – It’s on now;
  • Do a compiled Award post. I have more than 10 Awards to do and I don’t want to bother you so I will compile them all in one post, just answer the questions and nominate no one. – Done and published;
  • Do my popsugar fitness workout, twice. 30 minutes instead of an hour. – I’m dumb, I meant 30 minutes instead of 15. But will do only fifteen now;
  • Do my yoga before bed; – Will do it now, after the popsugar workout!

Tomorrow I will go to the city and teach for 5 ours. I will also go swimming and maybe see my therapist, if she has an opening for tomorrow!!

I feel great. The day started with me feeling a little sleepy and lazy but I fought against it and I manage to do mah Sh*t hahahah!

How was your day, guys?



21 thoughts on “Health for days journey – day 7 (update)

  1. Oh my absolute favourite breakfast to start a good day! I also admire that you plan your meals for two weeks, I can just about manage one as I get cravings for something completely different to the plan haha! x

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    • I control my cravings now, so It’s non-issue. It was a problem before because I would make a plan and then eat out or eat cereal. This way I can control our grocery budget, which I’m trying to keep under 150 € for two people, even with my special diet and always know what to make for dinner. No more scratching my head in front of the fridge lol

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  2. I would suggest to add one more point to everyday to do list. To find time when to sit and write down 10 things you are grateful for. Starting with the most obvious things. It doesn’t have to be something very special, just all those things that we can notice and be grateful. And feel it in your chest and stomach, how great it is to have all this. Try out this for 10 days in a row. I know it’s nothing new, we all have heard about the power and importance of being grateful, but when you really try it, it makes wonders.

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  3. It doesn’t have to be something for public eyes, just take a sheet of paper and write them down, feel them and go back to other things. Next day you can write new things or some of the same. Doesn’t matter. Just to feel the gratefulness makes the difference. On a daily basis.


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