Weekend Recap

Hey there,

How is the weekend going?

I’m going to do a little recap, so you guys can see what I was able to accomplish from my Weekend to-do list:

  • Shopping, we have 0 food. I’ve been doing the laundry with dish soap. Not kidding. – We shopped, we planned, we cooked and we are about to eat dinner. Would you like to see my shopping list and my meal plan for two weeks? Is that something you would like to read?
  • Do our meal plan (and shopping) for two weeks. Decide what to cook and buy accordingly. – done
  • Take care of all the laundry that’s left, it’s going to rain next week. – done, just have some laundry still drying
  • Be nice and maybe iron some shirts for Mr. R? He’s so cute and I love him so much and he looks so handsome on a shirt. BTW, baby you need a haircut and your best friend’s birthday is tomorrow.– didn’t do it. Sorry baby!
  • Read!!! – haven’t read anything other than blogs. Maybe when I go to bed tonight
  • Do one or two workouts. Do I do the cool yoga one or try another one like Zumba? – nope, but I cleaned a lot. I sweat. If I sweat it counts as a workout, right? ha!
  • Change my bed sheets and dust the room. Vacuum the floor and mop it. Clean the freaking windows. – Didn’t get to the whole room, didn’t have time
  • Relieve my sofa of all dog hair. Do you know the wet glove trick? You get a rubber glove, like the ones you use to clean or do dishes and you get it wet. You rub your sofa with it (you obviously put it in your hand) and all the dog hair comes out. It really works. I have witnesses. Catarina? – My honey did this. Thank you, baby
  • Vacuum and dust the living room. – Mr. R did this too
  • Clean the kitchen and do the dishes that have been sitting there since Monday. – Yes, I really got into the kitchen, washed a ton of dishes and even changed a few things around. It looks good now.
  • Get my schedule and to-do lists ready for next week. Working on it, almost done.
  • Pick my outfits for the whole week and get them ready. I know what I’ll wear
  • Do some pampering like face mask, hair mask, etc. – Later, when I shower before bed
  • Watch some movie. – Didn’t happen. But watched a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad. I’m loving it.
  • Put away all the laundry that I was able to dry in the last few days! – Done, folded and put away so much laundry

What I did that was not on the schedule:

  • I cleaned my bathroom;
  • I organized my little home office corner;

Now, about next week. What’s happening this week:

  • I have my psychiatrist’s appointment on Thursday;
  • I will go to 6 hours of classes on Tuesday. I will have to miss class on Thursday because of my doctor’s appointment;
  • I will teach between 25 and 30 hours of class;
  • I will try to keep working on waking up at 6 and doing my perfect morning routine, which includes working out in the morning;
  • I will blog every day, as usual;
  • I will finish folding and putting away all the laundry that is drying;
  • Mr. R will cut his hair and look so, so cute!
  • I will stalk three teachers because they don’t answer my emails;
  • I will schedule my gynecologist’s appointment. I’ve already sent an email but they haven’t answered with a date;
  • I will cute my dry ends (myself);
  • I need to take a bunch of photocopies;
  • I have a lot of school catching up to do. I would like to study for at least 2  hours every day;
  • I will dive into German and Italian, they are the most important right now and I’m really behind;
  • I will try to meet my sister for coffee;
  • I will buy a present for Mr. R’s cousin, who just had a baby; Maybe we will visit, if she is having visitors;
  • I will try to keep the house clean and the dishes controlled;
  • I will deep clean my office;
  • I will take lunch and snacks to work every day;
  • I will finish my friend’s book and start Harry Potter;
  • I will keep watching the second season of Breaking Bad;

Who want’s to share their plans for the week? Let’s all make this the most productive week ever!! Let’s do it together and motivate each other. Do I have any takers?



26 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Woo! Enjoy reading Harry Potter!! Are you starting the first book? I’ve read some of them, but (shame on me) have not read all yet. That’s really something I should try to fix this year, too. I love the movies so much!

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  2. I’d love to see a meal plan plz! Currently struggling on what to put for mind! I am doing a post at about 6pm! Any tips would be helpful x

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  3. Wow you’ve got a lot planned! Lol you also have a lot finished from the list too so that’s great. I definitely need to start reading again! You know what, I’m gonna go ahead and start this book my friend got me for…Christmas! Yikes! So late in starting lol. I’ll also be planning more blog posts, paying on the new apartment and car, and this weekend my little cousins bday party and then celebrating a little for my bday which was actually last week lol. We need more hours in a day or more days in the week idk 😐

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