Let’s see how my dear friend did with her to-do list

Life Is As Easy As...

Hello you lovely people!

How has your weekend been? Monday tommorow! I hear you groan!? Everyone hates Mondays, but I all think we should take Mondays positively! It’s a new week, a new start, new opportunities and new places to go! Bring on Monday!

Tommorow is quite stressful for me as I have a maths presentation to do ( for a chance to win a prize!), I have a RST lesson, boo! I have a physics experiment where we will be melting chocolate ( no eating though!) and I have a German exam and English worksheets to do! Yay!

Now, let’s see how I’ve been doing with my weekend to do list, which I’ll be finishing off tommorow!

To do list:
– [x] Maths presentation
– [x] Let my group know what to say during the presentation – need to do that at school, as I can’t contact them all

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