Such random thoughts

  • Mr. R is outside cutting one of our (small) trees. I’m supposed to be helping him but instead I’m here blogging. He’s a lumberjack, I’m a lumberjackass.
  • Two people said I’m inspiring today. I think I’m a mess most of the time but two people think I’m inspiring? How can that be? I feel like I could be inspiring, if I got my crap together, which I don’t. But today, two bloggers said they felt inspired by me in some way. They are life as easy as… and Katrina. Go there and check for yourselves.
  • I really need to quit my cereal. And a bunch of other things but mainly my cereal. I go through a box each two days. I’m gonna die so young.
  • Yesterday I closed a deal with the mom of two new students that will bring a really good monthly amount of money. It was a great feeling having meetings again and doing business and teaching and I felt like myself for the very first time in weeks or months.
  • I cannot, for the life of me, finish my friend’s book. I used to be such a fast reader and now, I drag and take decades and I really want to finish her book because she worked so hard on it and it’s her baby and I need to read her story.
  • We watched The Walking Dead and This is Us last night and the second is getting more and more amazing with each episode. The other one is… well… dead to me. It should have ended a long time ago, in my opinion. Sometimes you don’t even get zombies. I signed up for zombies I want zombies and not that cute guy with the baseball bat killing people all the time.
  • I’m currently writing this while on the toilet. I’m a lady, I know.
  • Lately I keep forgetting to answer people’s text messages. I open them and forget them. This is a bad habit that I should break as soon as possible. See them, answer them, done.
  • I’m really happy with all the love I’ve been getting from my readers and fellow bloggers. I never thought the internet could be so kind. I’ve only met the nicest people who spoil me with compliments, read what I write and say they love my blog. I have so many readers and Awards and I’m always thinking “do I deserve this? Am I nice enough? Kind enough? Do I follow their blogs with the attention they deserve? Did I miss some post. I want to be there for them”
  • I really mean what I say. I am here for all my readers and all other bloggers. You can talk to me, call my attention to one of your posts if  I accidentally let them pass me by, ask for help, really talk to me (I mean it, my email is always available, so is the instant message thingy on my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can always reach out to me, for anything. If you need help, if you need to vent, if you need someone to talk to, I’m your girl.)
  • Did you read my beautiful poetry that I wrote today? You’re missing out.
  • My phone is finally fixed after more than 3 months, a complaint to the insurance company and a complaint to the people who get mad at the insurance company. Now I can finally throw it at the wall so I can buy a new one because this one was a mistake.
  • Now, in honor of my dear blogger friend and reader  life as easy as… I will do a weekend to-do list!!!


Weekend to-do list:

  1. Shopping, we have 0 food. I’ve been doing the laundry with dish soap. Not kidding.
  2. Do our meal plan (and shopping) for two weeks. Decide what to cook and buy accordingly.
  3. Take care of all the laundry that’s left, it’s going to rain next week.
  4. Be nice and maybe iron some shirts for Mr. R? He’s so cute and I love him so much and he looks so handsome on a shirt. BTW, baby you need a haircut and your best friend’s birthday is tomorrow.
  5. Read!!!
  6. Do one or two workouts. Do I do the cool yoga one or try another one like Zumba?
  7. Change my bedsheets and dust the room. Vacuum the floor and mop it. Clean the freaking windows.
  8. Relieve my sofa of all dog hair. Do you know the wet glove trick? You get a rubber glove, like the ones you use to clean or do dishes and you get it wet. You rub your sofa with it (you obviously put it in your hand) and all the dog hair comes out. It really works. I have witnesses. Catarina?
  9. Vacuum and dust the living room.
  10. Clean the kitchen and do the dishes that have been sitting there since Monday.
  11. Get my schedule and to-do lists ready for next week.
  12. Pick my outfits for the whole week and get them ready.
  13. Do some pampering like face mask, hair mask, etc.
  14. Watch some movie.
  15. Put away all the laundry that I was able to dry in the last few days!
  16. I guess that’s it…

Who’s with me?? Let’s get our shot together, together!! And have a productive weekend, inspired by  life as easy as…!

Love you, guys. Now I’m gonna go and cut me some tree.


51 thoughts on “Such random thoughts

  1. Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this means to me! I never thought that I’d meet someone like you who’s so nice and genuine! Remember to get productive and complete your list! 😂😂 X

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  2. i have never blogged from the throne. yer one up on me there! i am just going to cut and paste your to-do list okay? and try to do it myself. Except the ironing, the Zumba, and the dog hair.

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  3. love this post girl!! You are def inspiring and yes you are right! Ever since I started blogging, I feel so loved by all of the bloggers here, and you are one of them! I feel like I can talk to you about anything haha. I made so many friends and I’m so glad that I got to know all of you, so genuine! I’m hoping we can make the best of friends throughout this journey ❤

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  4. Hahaha you have to have done SOMETHING on the toilet if you are to have a life. XD And I think that as long as you are commenting on others’ blogs and supporting your readers like they do you, then you DO deserve it. 😀

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  5. This post brought much amusement to me! (Side note: being a city girl, I’ve never cut wood before. Sounds dangerous, fun and taxing at the same time)

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