100 followers in less than a month – how

Many people have asked me what have I done in order to get so many followers in such a short amount of time so,  I decided to create a post, so everyone could read my experience and maybe learn something from it. Keep in mind that I’m no expert, my blog is just a baby and I have no knowledge on how to grow a blog. I’ve just been following my instinct and doing what feels right and is comfortable for me. For real advice you should reach out to more experienced bloggers.

  1. I follow everyone back – If you’re following me, I make sure to follow you too and to read your posts, like and comment them. I want my followers to be people I can interact with and develop a friendship.
  2. I follow many blogs, even if they don’t follow me – If I come across a blog I like, I immediately hit follow. They don’t usually follow right back but, as I make sure to like and comment their posts, they eventually notice me and follow my blog.
  3. I always answer comments – I make sure to answer every comment and be nice, which is easier because I love when people leave me comments.
  4. I make sure to comment on the posts I love – I love to interact with other bloggers so I make sure to give my opinion, share experiences, give some support, whatever they need. It makes me feel great.
  5. I post almost every day – This is not an obligation, I post that regularly because I love it. My posts are not normally planned, I just think about something and write. Of course, if there’s a day I don’t feel like posting, I just don’t. It’s not like a task to me, is something that comes from my heart.
  6. Leave your comfort zone a little – So maybe you’re not a fan of poetry, but you could check that blog anyway, you might really like it.
  7. Be honest and open – This is one of my main rules. When I share something with you, I share the whole story. Not just the beautiful part. Quite the contrary. I often use this blog to complain or vent and I always get so much support;
  8. Talk to people who are in the same situation – You all know that I suffer from anxiety and depression, as I don’t make it a secret. If someone posts about this subject I always comment and try to make them see they’re not alone and that they can talk to me. I have shared great conversations.
  9. Don’t ignore people – If a blogger comments on your posts and you have more to say other than “thank you”, do it. Engage in conversation with them. I just love to meet other bloggers and make friends through blogging.
  10. Be nice – Don’t judge people, don’t make nasty comments. Come on, the world does that to us. Who needs negativity here? No one. So be kind. People will always come back.

So, this is my list. This is what I have been doing for the past month. I would love if you could share your tricks in the comments. I’m sure you all have advice to share. xo


74 thoughts on “100 followers in less than a month – how

  1. If you read others comment on different blogs and click he “like” star next to the comment it will draw them to your blog too! But don’t just go through and click on all the comments. Make sure you actually “like” their comment😄

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  2. Those are all great tips, Chelia! I’ve been in and out of the blogging world for almost seven years now (man, I didn’t realize that it’s been that long!), and the best piece of advice I can give is basically what you’ve already summed up – interact! Reach out to other bloggers whose posts you enjoy, and ALWAYS respond to comments! Bloggers enjoy interaction 🙂

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  3. Hi Chelia! I just started following you, however it’s not because of your rule no.1 (I don’t agree completely with that rule) but because you write some really good and interesting stuff, including this list. I also liked the article when you mentioned going out of your comfort zone.

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  4. Thanks for the info. I have slowly been trying to grow my blog since having a wife with two girls under 3 keeps most of my attention that I am not going to school or working full time myself, so I have been happy for a while with the slow increase in followers, but now I have been spending a little more time trying to build more followers so this was a great read for me. 😀 Thank You!

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  5. That was very nice of you to share your approach to building a following. I agree with many of your points. It becomes challenging, however, as you develop 1000+ followers. You run out of time trying to read and comment on everyone’s blog. Regardless, “being nice” and respectful is appropriate for everyone. Disagreeing (if one opposes the ideas) builds dialogue and greater communication for all to learn from. This, however, must be done in a constructive manner to prevent defensive responses from the authors.

    Keep up the good work and enjoy every minute. 🙂

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    • Yes, sir. You’re absolutely right. It is getting to a point where is difficult to read and comment everyone, but thankfully, not everyone posts on the same day, so I try to organize things in that way. We can disagree with someone and be respectful and kind at the same time, the problem is that many people forget their manners while on the internet, which is sad. We can all interact politely and be friends, even when we don’t agree. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment and for your kind words.

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  6. This is a great and informative post! As a new blogger myself, this is SO useful. Also, I just followed you yesterday after LifeofAngela mentioned you in her series and I am loving your posts!


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