Friday Favorite – Happy one month anniversary to my blog!!

Hello dear readers,

You cannot imagine how happy and fulfilled I am, after doing this for a month. I’ve always wanted to be a blogger and I finally feel like one. I’m consistent, I don’t give up on my blog for weeks (last few blogs I tried to have) and I fall more in love with it every day.  Yesterday, my dear reader and one of my favorite bloggers Oriana said in a comment ” I like the respect you show towards others, and the fact that you treat everyone (especially the readers) as equal 🙂 Too much people forget to do that”. That made my heart so happy, because that’s exactly who I want to be. I want my readers to like me, to feel respected, to feel like they can talk to me. My wish is to always be like this. Always kind and approachable, even if I reach 1000 readers. If not, blogging does not make sense to me.

Let’s talk about what happened this month:

  • I published 27 blog posts – I can’t promise I will keep this amount but I will try to, because I have so much to say to you guys.
  • I had 1,673 views – This makes me so happy, that this blog was seen so many times.
  • I had 464 visitors – Again, I can’t believe so many people clicked on my blog.
  • I got 372 likes – I have no idea what I’ve done to have this many.
  • I got 377 comments – 377 times, someone took the time to write something for me. Even if it was just a thank you. This makes me feel honored and humbled and so so happy.
  • I was nominated for 4 awards – My girl Roxy Starr (Check her blog!!) just informed me that she nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award (my second time).

I have followers from all over the world. How great is this. I can reach people who are physically so far away from me. This is perfect. But you know what really makes me want to cry? My current 134 followers/readers and friends. They take time to read my writing, like my posts, drop a kind word, a helpful comment or just show some love. I’m so grateful for them. If I get 0 followers after the ones I already have, I will be a pretty happy woman.

So, what have I learned this month?

  1. A lot of people think my name is Chelia. It’s Cheila. Pronounced like Shay-luh;
  2. I can be consistent with something instead of giving up after a week (younger me would be so proud)
  3. There are amazing bloggers out there. I’m nothing compared to some really talented people who write such amazing posts. There are also great artists, who write poetry, fiction, draw, etc.
  4. I love writing.
  5. People like me and my writing.
  6. There’s so many possibilities when it comes to blogging.
  7. I want to keep doing this.
  8. I fall more in love with it every day.


I’m sorry if I’m rambling today, but I’m really happy and excited! I want to thank my readers for everything and send you huge hugs! Thank you so much!



53 thoughts on “Friday Favorite – Happy one month anniversary to my blog!!

  1. Congratulations!! I just dropped by and wanted to say you seem really nice and sweet. Your stats are well deserved and hopefully it continues going up for you ☺️Have a great day and keep being the amazing blogger that you are

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  2. Congratulations girl your blog is great you deserve it! Especially because you’re so sweet and consistent💖 you should definitely feel proud and excited 😊


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