Day by Day – Health Journey (25.07.17)

Hey there my friends,

How is everyone? Is everything okay? Are you happy? I would love to know.

You may have noticed that the tittle seems odd. Different than “Health for Days Journey”. Well, that’s because I decided to do a little change. Instead of counting the days, I will tell you how I feel, each and every day, knowing that tomorrow is another day and that there’s always hope. It gives me peace to think of things slowly and day by day now, because that’s just my life. A mixture of good and bad days, a wave of white, black and grey, an intense adventure within my mind.

So, this is how we do it now.

I’ll obviously keep with my lists and tasks, but I’ll never feel bad for not doing them. I’ll listen to my body and understand when I I’m perfectly capable of putting in 8 hours of solid work or when I need to just stop and have a mental health day. Literally. When my mental health doesn’t allow me to do much, I’ll accept it. I’ll do something I want, something fun, instead of pushing myself. I’ll be good to me.

Let me tell you what I have for an update…

I’m still waiting for an answer from that job proposal. The lady said she would contact me at the beginning of the week. I’ll wait until tomorrow and then I’m calling. Do you do that after an interview? Call back if you don’t hear from them after a certain amount of time? I do.

I’ve been looking for and have a couple of proposals going on for online writing/virtual assistant work, which I’m excited about. I miss working and I love working from home and doing this kind of “computer/desk” work. I’m waiting on a final, detailed proposal from both of these projects. I won’t get rich from this kind of work but I can make some bucks.

My sister is spending two days with us, which is really fun, both for us and Rosa, who absolutely loves her.

The weather is nice and sunny and the wind is not as bad today as it been for the last few weeks. It’s good for laundry though.

I’ve been watching documentaries, Poldark, The Handmaids Tale and Game of Thrones. I keep watching movies as well, although I’m sure I won’t finish my list this month. That’s okay, I’ll finish in August. A few nights ago Rui and I watched The Truman Show (I hadn’t watched it before) and I did like it, although it didn’t become a favorite. I have this unjustified hate for Jim Carry, I have no idea why. I’ve also watched North and South a few days ago and will start Upstairs Downstairs tonight.

I keep supposedly reading “Death With Interruptions”  and I’m actually reading “The Handmaids Tale” with my blogger best friends. We have some kind of book club going on and I love it and them. I’m so glad I’ve met them and I just love them and their personalities so much. We have a lot of fun talking and saying nothing important or intelligent at all. Love you, girls.

I’m in love with those little corn and rice kind of crackers. They’re something too chew and have few calories, so like a healthier and not salty version of potato ships. I’m also in love with cottage cheese, my carrots and plain Greek yogurt.

We’ll do some major cheating and have some of my old very creamy pasta for dinner, because sister is here. Not that I don’t have been cheating lol. You know I do have my cereal sometimes and my coke and I went to McDonald’s with mother last week. As long as there’s a balance I’m fine.

Today I’m not doing much. I’m spending time with sis, working on a bunch of online tasks, doing laundry, and paying attention to my garden and plants in this heat and wind. I’ve watered them, moved one and I need to water the rest tonight. I have one load of laundry drying and another in the washer.

I guess there’s nothing much to tell. I must get a healthy snack now.

Oh, I tried celery for the first time a few days ago and almost threw up. It’s spicy and it tastes like curry or ginger. I just hate it. Damn it, I was looking for more veggies to eat raw. Do you have any suggestions? I usually go with carrots, tomatoes, peppers and cucumber. I want a few new options to add to my lunch.

Okay, I’m off now. I might talk to you later. No promises.

So much love.



58 thoughts on “Day by Day – Health Journey (25.07.17)

  1. Hope that job proposal go through for you, best of luck on that! Also, make that book club grow and continue building on it, I feel book club revolution coming up lol. Lastly, I really hope you have fun with your sister and the weather stays absolutely nice for a pretty girl like yourself. ☀️😁

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  2. You and your sister are going to have a great time together watching movies and laughing. That’s one of life’s best simple pleasures. I wish I knew you were going to try celery, I would’ve told you that it’s the worst of God’s creations when eaten raw. The first time I tried it as a kid it was slathered in peanut butter and I actually ran off and threw up. You know, I’ve got a laundry line outside that I should start using. We love you too, boo. Talk to you again soon 🙂

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    • We always dry our laundry outside, even in Winter, we take advantage of sunny days. We don’t have a drier, plus it shrinks and kind of ruins clothes faster. Celery was a 2.99€ for a pound mistake lol so disgusting. I used to see people feeding it to kids and they would happily eat. How??? It gives throwing up urges

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  3. Thanks for the update, I’ve been watching GOT too and I’ve also recently seen a few episodes of upstairs, downstairs; it’s like an old school version of Downtown Abbey!

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    • I’ve heard a few people say it tastes like nothing too. Others say it is such a strong flavor. Maybe it’s genetic like cilantro. To some people it tastes like soap

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  4. Girl THANK U YOUU for being okay with the fact that recognizing you need a break once in awhile and that it is very important to care for yourself mentally. Sending u hugs and prayers xx

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  5. I see that celery is not that popular a veggie here 😛 I quite like it. Here’s a tip if you really want to incorporate it into your diet. You can make it part of a green juice with cucumber and lemon juice. They go well together.

    We love ya too sweetie. And do call to check on the status of the interview results. It is only fair to know so that you can get on with life and not keep wondering about it. xx

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  6. I like the new header! Also, I’m with you on the calling back on interviews if you don’t hear anything. Or at least sending an email and seeing what’s up.
    I need to find a copy of the Handmaid’s Tale lying around somewhere. But I need to finish my current book first, I never seem to be able to make time to read lately. I for one never minded celery. I can’t have it on it’s own though. I gotta at least have peanut butter or something, then it’s good.

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    • Thank you, dear. I think if they don’t call back after they say they would, it’s perfectly fine to call be. I need an answer, yes or no. No worries, honey. I’m reading mine as a PDF I “bought” online. Have finished the series, though. Soo good. Don’t know what I’ll do with my life now 😂

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  7. celery….I hate it raw…have tried with cheese etc….no go…yet I love it in my cooking. weird. I have news….I am back on line…we finally have wifi at home….not unlimited like before but at least I can sit at home and catch up with everyones posts and post. Instead of jumping in the car and heading to the library or the shopping centre. (dangerous as I tend to spend money when out)

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    • Hahahaha I’m very dangerous while out too. Unless it leave every possible card, cash etc at home, but then I might need it for an emergency lol I’ve missed you. It’s funny how different people describe raw celery in different ways. For some people is watery and plain but for me it’s spicy and it tastes like curry powder or maybe ginger. Weird.

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  8. I’m glad to hear that you are doing well :). I honestly have celery with peanut butter, not by itself. Maybe celery with ranch might help? That’s exciting having your sister in town.

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  9. I can understand your struggle with anxiety, and it’s so great that you can allow yourself mental health days ( I still haven’t gotten that one figured out). I hate celery too, carrots and cucumber with hummus is my go to not sure what other raw veggies there are. Your blogs are so good love reading them :).

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