Guest Post Sunday: “How I came to be” by Jane Love

This Sunday I bring you a lovely short story by one of my favorite people and adoptive blogging daughter, Jainey. The story is just so good, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do. You did wonderfully, my beautiful girl.

How I Came To Be by Jane Love

The invasion arrived on a very normal day. I woke up that morning to a lively neighborhood. Kids were playing around, my brothers and sister teased themselves the best they could and I, as usual, overslept.

8am. I was wrenched away from the adventure of my favorite book by the sound of sirens. Big, loud sirens. As if that wasn’t enough, an annoyingly high-pitched voice screeched over every radio around.


Utter silence. The heads that paused to listen continued their activities as though nothing was going on. We were used to such announcements anyways. And to be honest, I was sick and tired of these stupid drills. Just then, the voice was back.


As one, people began to run helter-skelter. Siblings locked themselves indoors. The streets emptied within the blink of an eye. Everyone activated their defense schemes. This was our first invasion yet. No one knew what to expect.

“Get away from the window,” my sister ordered. “It’s not safe.”

It was then I realized that they had all bundled themselves inside. All but one.

“Where’s Francis?” I asked.

“He will be back soon. He’s in charge of the city’s main defence, remember? Once he activates the system, he’ll come back. Don’t worry.”

I guess that put my mind at ease. Only that he NEVER returned. And no body was found. No sign of a struggle. Nothing. He was just gone. 😱 😱 😱

Perhaps he was abducted. Or maybe he got lost. Or… hmm. What’s the point of giving myself false hope? He was gone and that was final. 😟😟

All his responsibilities fell on Calvin now. He took care of us. Made us forget our pain. Until, he too was taken. A few years later, another invasion and he went missing.

The next year, it was my sister. And the next in line, my last brother. Now, all that was left of my family was ME.

There must be someone out there who had it in for us. Or perhaps their argument was with me and so they singled me out. I want to say I was brave and not afraid but that would be a lie. There’s nothing scarier than knowing that you are definitely next on the list of a possible serial killer. Except, of course, not knowing when he would strike.

I spent each day like it was the last I had. Just over a year after my final brother’s abduction, we were invaded again. By this time, I had had enough. I could let these people terrorize us in this manner. It was highly unacceptable. I decided I would put a stop to it once and for all. Or that I would die trying.

I travelled to the edge of the city to face our invaders. I had never seen creatures of their kind before. They moved in a snake-like manner. And all of them appeared menacing and freakishly scary. I shook with fear but tried not to show it.

One of them must have noticed and was softened by my demeanor. He stood out from the rest with his mesmerizing eyes (👀) begging me to let him in. To accept him. My heart spoke for me and before I knew it, he was inside. Yet I made no attempt to open the gates for him.

Taking me by the hand, he faced his companions.

“This land is deserted. There’s no one left. I have claimed her and so you must try elsewhere.”

As he spoke, he gaze went across them – daring anyone to defy him. Gradually and somewhat reluctantly, they all left, leaving me with my captor/savior. Turning back to me, he gave a smile that made me weak at the knees and said:

“Hello, beautiful.”

And that was it. I knew from then that I was in love. That was the start of our beautiful relationship. I never bothered going back to the city – I was happy enough just being with him. Plus they would never accept an alien. Months flew by and our love grew stronger. But when three-quarters of a year was up, we just couldn’t hold back anymore. We got married and set off to spend our honeymoon beyond the edge of the city.

A dangerous move for sure but somehow I no longer cared. Because I felt safe with him.

Pretty nice story, huh?

Well, that’s just how I saw it. Here’s what actually happened.

  • A married couple decided after a few years of marriage that it was time to have a baby. They tried and ended up with a bouncing baby boy whom they named Francis.
  • A few years later, they thought it would be nice if he had a brother. Hence, Calvin was born.
  • The next year, they asked the two brothers if they would like a sister.
  • Two years later, they realized they missed hearing baby sounds around the house. So, they had another baby. This time, a boy.
  • Finally, they saw that their daughter needed a play mate and decided to try one last time. A few months after their decision, they rejoiced at receiving this popular line from their doctor.

“Congratulations!! You’re two weeks pregnant.”

They could barely contain their excitement. Nine good months they waited for the arrival of their baby. But she sure didn’t make it easy – always kicking and disturbing Mama (hey, I couldn’t help it!! Every couple sometimes fight 😛 😛 ).

But eventually, after an hour of labor, one bright Saturday, she was born. So cute, so adorable – so different from now – wailing her head off (why wouldn’t I? Where in the world was I? 😰😰). With a smile and eyes full of love, the mother kissed her forehead and said:

“Welcome to the world, Jane.”

If you ask me, I prefer my version of the story, though. It’s so much more exciting. Hope you like the narration of MY birth!!

P.S. All other names are code names. And not actually the names of my siblings. That’s it for now. Byeeee.


10 thoughts on “Guest Post Sunday: “How I came to be” by Jane Love

  1. This is so unique and cute!Writing a story narrating your birth, love it! Great job!!💖 the beginning had me hooked I had no idea it was going to end being about your birth. Very creative. Thanks for sharing her story Cheila!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Your Highness. It’s such an honor to receive compliments from you.
      P.S. for a while, i too didn’t know it would end that way too. Lol.


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