My YouTube Subscriptions

Today I thought it would be fun to show you which YouTube channels I subscribe too. You must know, I’m addicted to mom YouTubers/Vloggers. I really want to be a mom someday and I find moms so inspiring. Plus, I really like to take a peak into people’s lives and routines and that’s what they share, which is perfect for me.

Jamerril’s Large Family Table


I just love this lady. She’s a great mom of soon to be 8 (She’s pregnant with her eighth baby, a boy), she’s a homeschooling, do it from scratch, garden, business owner and thrifty mom. She seems to do it all. She has speaking engagements, she has her channel, two blogs and she was supporting her whole family while her husband went to school for two years. She’s very real and down to hearth and I’m always expecting a video from her.

A Farmhouse Full


Another amazing, homeschooling, business woman mom of eight. This woman can do it all, while her makeup is on point and her kids are fed and happy. I love her videos on how she runs her house, about motherhood and being a large family, her home renovations, grocery hauls and Q&A’s. This might be my favorite on YouTube.

This Gathered Nest


You guessed it right, another mom. A homeschooling mom of soon to be seven. But this is a special family. She has two biological daughters, then she adopted an African-American boy, then another boy from Africa (Congo? I think) and then a Chinese girl with Down Syndrome. She is currently pregnant with twin girls through embryo adoption. Are you familiar with that? Basically, one couples go throw IVF, they can choose to use just one or two embryos, of the few that they got. As the couple won’t be using these embryos might choose to destroy them or put them up for adoption. Yes, you can adopt an embryo and get pregnant through IVF. That’s how she is adopting her twin girls, they are someone else’s embryos but are growing in her belly. What a wonderful family.



I love this mom and her blended family. She first got pregnant with a girl when she was about eighteen, I think. The relationship with her the father of her daughter didn’t work out but they are still friends and great co-parents. Dad is very much involved in his daughter’s life and even his wife and boy are welcome to the house. A few years later she got married and had twin boys, having a third boy later. Once again, the relationship didn’t workout, although she tried hard and forgave too much, so they got divorced. The dad is involved in the twins life, but rejects the third child, which breaks her heart. However, her current husband has stepped up to the game and is raising the boy as if he were his own. They have a wonderful relationship and this man is such a great father to his stepson. So, as I’ve told you, she is married again now. Her husband has two boys from a previous marriage and they’re treated just like her own kids. She says there’s not step-brothers or half-brothers, they are all just brothers and sisters. She and her husband have an eight-month girl, their last child. I love blended families and this one makes me really happy to watch.

Britney and Baby


Britney was a teen mom of a baby girl and she immediately became a stay-at-home-mom when her baby was born. She and her boyfriend remained together and they currently have three children together. I think her girl is about five years old, then she has younger boy who, unfortunately, was born with muscular dystrophy, which means he will lose his motor skills over time and he may even been in a wheelchair while he’s still a kid. It’s so said knowing that your child is alright and healthy at the moment but that you will have to watch him lose his capabilities. My heart aches for her family.

The Talko


Just celebrity gossip, random lists and general entertainment, the kind where you don’t have to think too much. What can I say, sometimes my brain needs to indulge.



Honestly, I just like their “73 Questions With Vogue” series, so I subscribe to get to know when there’s a new one. Once again, random entertainment.

The Freckled Fox


She is one of my favorite bloggers and vloggers and I’ve been following her for years. She’s just a year older than me but she has lived so much already. She got married to a wonderful man she was crazy in love with when she was nineteen and, together, they had five beautiful red-headed babies. I admired her because she seemed to have it all. Handsome husband, beautiful kids, being beautiful and so productive herself. I feel in love with her family. I think her oldest kid is now six or seven and the youngest is almost two years old. She has four girls and one boy, the middle child. She seemed to have a perfect life, until her husband was diagnosed with cancer. They fought it for many months, trying alternative treatment options, flying to Mexico, seeking experimental treatments, you name it. She took care of him and watched him suffer for eighteen months, while she carried and delivered their last baby. She is a warrior. He eventually did a year ago, living her as a 25-year-old widow and mother of five. She remarried about 3 months later and many people have criticized her about how soon it was. I don’t know what to think about it.

Crash Course


I just love learning and there are so many videos on so many different topics. Also, the videos are simple and fun and that’s why I like them so much.



Another channel with great videos on so many different topics. They’re entertaining and educational at the same time. Good enough for me.

Ted (Talks)


I guess everyone knows this channel? If you don’t, I highly recommend it. The talks and lectures are inspiring and worth watching.

Fellow Bloggers I Follow On YouTube:

Angela – Life of Angela


Pamela – Starring Pamela


Oriana – Oriana’s notes


Charlotte Parker


Runwright Reads


What about you?

  • Β Do you follow any YouTube Channels?
  • Do you have a YouTube channel? I would love to follow you.
  • Do you have any channel recomendations?

Thank you so much for reading.




22 thoughts on “My YouTube Subscriptions

  1. I’m commenting for the first time ever because I have some channels recommendations πŸ™‚ Me too I love to watch bloggers, vloggers, diy, makeup tutorials, nail designs, …
    Here some of my favourite which I have been following for months/years:
    – Cutepolish:
    – dope2111:
    – Erin Henry:
    – InΓͺs Rochinha:
    – Lauren Fairweather:
    – Pins and Things:
    – TheSorryGirls:
    – The Michalaks:
    – LaurDIY:
    Enjoy πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I binge watch a lot of the Talko videos but I’m tentative to subscribe because I feel like I would get addicted pretty quickly πŸ˜‚ . I subscribe to MinuteEarth, List25, RELAX CHANNEL, and some others.


  3. I watch Marzia’s videos and follow her blog and I also enjoy Emma Pickles’ makeup tutorials (even though I’ve never tried any looks out myself).


  4. I follow only 1 youtube channel, and it is for dog training hahaha. We just got a puppy and I didn’t want to lose the videos I found. I am not a big youtube person.


  5. I need to check out the vogue questions and a few of the mommy youtubers. Geez that’s a scary number of kids to imagine though πŸ˜… Awww that’s sweet of you to list mine although I haven’t posted anything! 😘 Soon though!!!


  6. CheilaaaaaπŸ˜†πŸ’– it’s been so long since commenting on posts and you are always one of the first I have to check. This is a great idea for a post, I’ve never heard of any of the channels besides some of the bloggers:) but all of the family channels sound so nice and loving, even with the unfortunate events. And most of them have so many kids!!! I have to check them out they are super moms lol. I’m really interested in Crash Course and Ted-Ed so thanks for sharing!


  7. Wow, I’m so late and not at all on track when it comes to participate into the blogging community, that I didn’t even notice this post where you refer to my YouTube channel ! I’m so sorry Cheila, I swear I don’t like your blog less : I’m just an unorganized mess and I can’t seem to get the blogging rhythm right again ! πŸ˜• Anyways I hope you’re doing well, and I wish you all the best πŸ’—


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