My beauty routines and products

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while now, because it is one of my favorite posts to read on other blogs. Do you enjoy reading beauty routine post?

I think I’ve mentioned how simple I am when it comes to my beauty products. I don’t try any new things unless I’ve run out of something. I don’t have doubles of most things, especially when it comes to makeup. I don’t spend much money on it either.

I would like to start with my perfumes and body sprays:


As you can probably tell, I like floral scents. The two perfumes are by Yves Rocher and were both a present from my mother. One is “flower Party By Night” and it is exactly what they say, a floral perfume. My sister wears “Flower Party” and I actually prefer it. The other one is a simple rose perfume, from a collection they have. I would like to own them all. There’s lilac mauve, cherry blossom, lily of the valley, green tea and verbena. They sell for 15,99€ for 100 ml, which is not bad at all. We get them with a 30% discount, so they cost us a little over 11,00€, which is really cheap, considering that they last a long time. “Flower Party By Night” costs 23,95 per 50 ml, being a little more expensive, even with the 30% discount. They are both really fresh and soft and even if you don’t apply much, they lastw all day.

The body sprays are both from H&M, probably from 2 years ago. One is melon, so it’s actually too sweet for me. Rui says it smells like bug spray. The other ones is mauve and I love it because it’s very very soft. I use them both on my body and to refresh the house sometimes. They are great for that too. I have no idea how they cost but I would bet they were about 3€ each, plus staff discount.


I have been, for the past few years, wearing men’s deodorant. Sometimes I share with Rui (we buy whatever spray deodorant that is on sale for him) but now I have my own, as I prefer roll-on and they last longer than spray. Why do I wear men’s deodorant? Because it smells better and it lasts longer because it’s stronger. I hate having to reapply deodorant during the day when I have already sweat. With men’s deodorant, I don’t have to. I apply in the morning and it lasts all day, but not the 48 hours that they advertise. My favorite deodorant is actually Dove’s in stick and not roll-on or spray, but they have stopped selling those here. I rarely seem them on the store and when I do, they’re extremely expensive. I have heard many women saying that they actually wear men’s deodorant too. Have you ever tried? What’s your favorite, most effective deodorant? What’s the worst you have tried?


I buy whatever shower gel I can find on sale (and the bigger the better) but, for body exfoliant, I prefer the ones by Yves Rocher. They smell delicious and they are strong enough for my super dry skin, but not too strong to actually heart my sensitive skin. They are not made with plastic beads, but with fruit seeds or crushed apricot kernel. Beads from exfoliating products are very pollutant, as they are too small to filter and get to rivers, lakes and oceans. I love that these are not bad for the environment. Also, they’re not expensive at 4,75€.


I’m not too picky when it comes to body milk or body cream, as long as they’re not too thick or too sticky. I like the ones that are easy to apply and fluid, as they dry faster and are more comfortable under clothes. The olive one is a store brand from a local supermarket chain and it’s pretty cheap (about 4€) but really good according to my preferences. The other one is my favorite because I LOVE Yves Rocher moisturizers. They check everything in my box and smell amazingly. They sell for 6,95€. They are both about 400 ml and so they last a long time. I might get something a little thicker for winter, though.


Having wavy hair and super dry hair, I always need to apply some sort of wave or curl cream. I have first bought the Garnier Fructis one, which I’m almost done with. To be honest, I smells really good but does nothing for me. It’s like it’s not even there. Then I bought (I actually stole it from my mother because she had stolen one I had before) the pink which is from a brand I don’t know much about. I think it costs about 6€ and it’s much better than the green one. But, I hate the smell and it’s too sticky. The best one I’ve ever tried is actually the purple one, which is from a local supermarket chain (E.Leclerc), it’s really cheap and it holds my waves so well. Plus, I do love the smell which is a bonus. I will finish all of them before I buy a new one, for sure. I don’t like to be wasteful. But when I buy my next one, I’ll go with the purple one.


Then I always use a hair mask, about twice a week (if I even wash my hair twice a week) because my hair is super dry. I used to get the ones by Yves Rocher but they are not very effective and are quite pricey for the amount of product. This one is by the same store as my purple hair cream (so, store brand) and really cheap too, for a good amount. It lasts a long time. The other product is a nutrition cream for your ends and I have yet to try it. I used to buy one which is an oil but I dislike oils so I though I might try this one, when I finished the other. You know I cut my own hair and I try to trim my ends every month or so to keep them healthy and not split. I follow the technique used on this video:

For my face, I alternate between this masks:


The green one is a green clay mask by Le Petit Olivier. It’s the best I’ve ever tried. It’s not very expensive (about 5€) and you get a good amount of product and it works so well. It kind of smells like freshly cut grass and dirt, but it does wonders to my face. It’s purifying and it really does the job. I apply it all over my face, leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off with a wet washcloth. It leaves my face looking so clean and tight and fresh. I love it. I wear it about once or twice a week. The middle one is a nourishing or hydration mask that I wear about once or twice a week, because the skin on my face is very dry and extremely sensitive. I just leave it on my (non-wet) face for about 10 minutes and wash it off with a washcloth. I try not to use the exfoliant (the blue one) too often because it’s kind of harsh and, like I sad, I have extremely sensitive skin that gets red very easily.


To wash my face I use the clean&Clear face wash, which is the best I ever tried. It’s very effective but not too harsh on my face. It helps with blackheads, as I used to get a ton of them, especially on my nose and chin. Then I apply my Yves Rocher toner/micelar water and wait until it’s dry to apply my face cream. It’s really good because it lasts a long time and leaves my face feeling tight, as well as being a second cleaner.


Then, there’s my face creams. I have the one by Yves Rocher (the white and pink one) from their sensitive skin line. It has a SPF of 20, which I think it’s kind of low, but at least I’m wearing some. To go with it, I apply my eye cream, twice a day, morning and night. I love both as they are really moisturizing and not greasy. The baby face cream, I use on my face when I’m not going anywhere, because it’s gentle and moisturizing and really cheap. Finally, I’m in love with my night cream (blue lid). It’s really greasy and sticky but it’s also extremely good for my skin. It leaves my face so moisturized and glowing. The only problem is that it sits on the skin, so you cannot touch your face for a few hours and you need to be careful not to get your hair all greasy. I don’t care, my face loves it. Besides, it’s a drugstore brand (Aldi) and it’s really cheap. I’m really happy about it and have gotten compliments on my skin (always dry) since I’ve been applying it.


So, it’s time for my makeup. I don’t have much, as I’ve said before. One foundation by Yves Rocher, which is actually a little dark or orangy for me, but I’ve got to wear it (making it lighter) because I hate throwing money away. Then I have my store brand (Aldi) powder, that I use on top of my foundation or instead of. It’s one of the best I’ve ever tried and it’s extremely cheap. My concealer stick is a mistake, as I think I need a something more liquid and fluid because of my dry skin. But I make do with it. It’s also by Yves Rocher. Then I have my blusher, by H&M. It was very very cheap, on sale, and I love the color, but I need to be careful not to overdo it, or I get really red and it looks like I’ve put on my makeup in the dark.


So, you know that mascara is my favorite makeup product, right? I have really light and short lashes, as well as eyebrows, and they look so much better with some mascara. I mean, they look like they exist with mascara. I’m currently wearing “Scandaleyes” by Rimmel, which is not so bad but it’s also not wow. It does the job well if I apply a layer, let it dry, use my eyelash curler and apply a second layer. My eye makeup remover (again, by Yves Rocher) is really good and not harsh at all. It’s a mix of cleaner and oil and so it doesn’t leave my eyes burning, because it moisturizes at the same time as it’s cleaning. I hate oils, but I do like these eye makeup remover. Then I have cheap, Primark eye pencils, a black one and a dark brown one, for when I want to apply some but not get a really black and strong look. It’s great with brown and neutral eye shadow.


So, this is the only palette I actually use. I have another which comes with all sorts of crazy colors, like yellow, but it’s not my thing. I’m all about neutrals or maybe a little color but pastel and soft looking.


Just basic eyebrow tools. A brush and a pencil to fill in, by H&M. I try to use as little as possible to look natural and not, well, painted.


These are all the makeup brushes I own and they’re more than enough. The small ones I in my to-go makeup bag or to travel. The other ones are for regular every day use.


And finally, my very small lipstick and lip gloss collection. I used to have a few more but I gave them to my sister because I didn’t wear them and I don’t like to keep things I don’t wear. I recently broke one that I loved. Such is life. They’re from different brands: Yves Rocher, Wycon, Essence and H&M. The cherry one is a tinted lip balm. It smells amazing and while it gives you a bit of color. I have just the one lip liner, skin colored. The Vaseline I use on my lips (or feet or elbows) when they are really dry. It’s really good.

Now I’m going to show you the colors, by the order the tubes are placed:



My red pencil lipstick looks a bit orange in pictures, but it’s just actually bright red, comparing to my other red, 5th one from the top, which is a darker red. As you can see, I tend to wear reds or pinks. I’m currently looking for something burgundy or maybe closer to purple. Any darker colors. Do you have a favorite from my collection?

And I guess I’m done. I just wanted to share this with you guys.

  • I’m sorry because the post is long;
  • I’m sorry because I don’t know how to do beauty posts;
  • I’m sorry because my pictures are bad because the phones is not so good, I am not so good and my hands shake;

Thank you for reading.




71 thoughts on “My beauty routines and products

  1. This is lovely (: thank you for taking the time to write it all out! I love reading this kind of stuff. It’s so neat to me to learn how others get ready cause everyone is different xoxo

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  2. I used to wear men’s deodorant but now I use a brand called Tom’s because it’s supposedly all natural. I really need to find a good exfoliator at some point. I love your lipstick collection! That’s a good amount for one person! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I like your post, and I don’t mind that it was long or that the pictures were with your phone 🙂 Hahaha we all have long posts and days that our pics aren’t our best, but I still enjoyed reading about your beauty products, so thanks for posting 🙂

    -Helene ❤

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  4. I don’t wear make up but I do enjoy a good beauty post because my sister LOVES makeup and is always asking me do I like this or that colour, product etc. So, since she will not accept, “you know I don’t wear makeup, why are you asking me” as an answer, I find myself reading about makeup LOL. You did great, by the way, stop apologizing. The pictures are great, not out of focus. Have you seen some of the pictures I took and posted on my blog??? Oh my goodness, can you say blurry? My favourite deoderant is lady speed stick baby powder scent and the purfume I have worn since for 30 years is Sand n Sable. Soft and floral 🙂

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  5. Firstly, your pictures are more than satisfactory so feel good about them. 🙂 I think your beauty post is just lovely because it is all about your likes and dislikes. I think enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

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  6. Cheila! I never thought about the micro beads in exfoliates being terrible for the environment. That makes perfect sense. Now I need to go through mine and see what’s in them. There are so many ways to harm the environment that we often don’t think of. Thanks so much for including that. I’ve posted about my skincare routine, but I’ve never done one on beauty/makeup. I don’t read those types of posts very often because I tend to stick with a formula or watch YouTube videos- it’s just my preferred genre for that. But it’s nice to hear what different people are into because it gives me insight into some of the things that I should post about. Btw, I think you do a beautiful job with your eyeliner, and your skin is so lovely that you really don’t need much besides liner, lipstick and blush to look polished.

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    • I never knew about the beads until some environmental group went to Rui’s company to speak about how people are polluting the ocean. The lady asked the audience what they thought were the main polluters and everyone said bottles or plastic bags. She said that they were wrong and that the biggest culprits were actually exfoliating beads and (I almost fell from my chair) cotton swabs. People actually throw those in the toilet? Just how? And why? Doesn’t everyone have a trash bin in their bathroom for those things. The only thing I throw in the toilet is toilet paper. From then on, I always make sure my exfoliating products are made from seeds or something not harmful. I would love to read a post from you about the products you use, both beauty products in general and makeup. I wouldn’t mind reading about your morning and night routines, either. With too kids, it must be harder to get ready. I think my skin does lovely to you because I was wearing foundation and powder. I have rosacea so my face is always super red and looking inflamed. I wear a green primer that I forgot to show on my beauty post. Green takes over the red, it’s quite effective. Thank so much for reading and commenting. I’m sorry about the long answer and excuse my English, I tend to make mistake when I’m trying to explain something with detail lol ❤

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      • No, thank you for the thoughtful response. That group that came to Rui’s job has no idea that their presentation is spreading knowledge so far. I’m in America! That’s great. Wow, so I would’ve never known you have rosacea. You do a great job in covering it up. you don’t even look to be wearing lots of makeup, which is a skill. You should write a post about how you cover it up to help others who have that same issue and are looking for solutions. I just love getting to know people!
        I’ll definitely start thinking about how to do a beauty post. I should’ve linked my morning and night routine here, but I forgot to copy the link and I think it’s too late now lol. You can go to my beauty category and it’ll be there (if you have time to go check it out, sorry).

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  7. I’m always interested in seeing what products other people use. I also use a hair mask on my hair twice a week, but I switch it up between Arvazallia argan oil mask and Pai-Shau revitalizing mask. Both work amazing and make my hair soft and smooth.

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  8. The pictures are great! I can’t tell your hands where shakey at all I really love the layout they look nice☺️ I’m pretty simple like you with makeup, the most I have though is lipsticks so that’s about all I’d have to share lol. Thanks for sharing so many products! I laughed about Rui saying one smelled like big spray?! If it does thats no good aha

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  9. I can’t tell that your hands were shaky. The pictures looked okay to me. Also, I can’t say much about any of these. These are fun to read though. I don’t really go through these routines YET. Also, I agree with the men’s deodorant. I use them too! So much better.

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  10. There is such a variety of products here, definitely interesting to see the routine!
    The primark eyeliner is a strange one, I dont know many people who use it, do you think it is good enough for every day use or have you used better?

    Liked by 2 people

    • I like it and have never had a problem with it. It stays put and it’s easy to apply. I’m sure there are so much better choices out there but this one works for me 🙂

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  11. The Yvez Rocher lip balm is my absolute favourite! I apply it before liquid lipsticks and I find them to be less drying when I do this. The strawberry one is my favourite.

    I love reading routine posts and the images in this one really helped so I can look up some of the products later!

    What plants did you use and where did you get them from?

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    • Hey there, I’m glad you liked the post. I buy a lot of their products. My favorite lip balm is the cherry one 🙂 They’re succulents and you can pretty much find them anywhere these days. They’re very popular right now! xx

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  12. This is a really good post! I have been planning on writing a post like that as well so it was really helpful, thank you! And the photos are great! Deodorants for men are so much better, they last way longer than the ones for women.

    You can check out my blog here:

    Thank you!
    Julia xx

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