Hello dear friends,

Did you miss me? Maybe a little? Nothing? Okay.

I’ve been quite absent as you may or may not have noticed. I’m just trying to take the pressure off a little bit. I’m taking this time to get the house in order, catch up on your blogs and tonnes of comments and to get organized in general, so I can focus on studying.

If you suddenly come across about 20 comments from me, on your blog, please know that I’m not stalking you (or am I?), I’m just catching up on your posts, because I refuse to let my friends posts go without me paying attention to them and reading them. So, bear with me. I am also answering comments from 10 posts ago, so you might get an answer for a comment you made about a million years ago. Thank you for being so kind and patient.

I’m trying to write smaller paragraphs, since a good friend of mine told me she doesn’t like long paragraphs at all.

I’m happy about my new dishwasher and I love the idea of having her (it’s a she) and my washing machine working for me at the same time. I’ve decided to name them Betty (the dishwasher) and Martha (the washing machine). I think they’re great names for my little helpers.

I must say I had a different idea of how… hmm.. potent a dishwasher is. Being kind of poor all my life, I must tell you this is the first time I have a dishwasher at home. Same for Rui. I’m learning that it is not as efficient as washing and scrubbing dishes by hand. It does the work, though. We just need to pay attention and not make it too full, put things in the right place and such. If something is not as well washed as I would like to, I just leave it there to be washed again on the next cycle. Our favorite part is that we can just finish a meal and stuff everything in there, leaving the counters and table clean and free of dirty dishes. It is good for saving me time as well, as I can be doing something else while she is washing, instead of spending countless hours every week just taking care of dishes.

Do I talk about housework too much? Probably. I’m sorry but being a current housewife and being pretty isolated here in my little cottage, cute garden and in the countryside, I don’t have much of anything else to talk about. Which I don’t mind at all. I love my calm, secluded, currently stress-free life. I mean, anyone would, after endless years of working crazy hours, studying, taking care of the house, going through everything you can possibly imagine and having so much to do at all times. This is paradise for me.

What else can I tell you? I was relieved of cooking yesterday because we grilled some meat that we had left from when Rui’s parents where here (we bought way too much and then put it in the freezer), and Rui always takes care of the grilling outside job. All I had to do was some brown rice and a salad. I then made some brownies and I didn’t burn them this time, although they were too thin. I might not have to cook today either, as we have leftover grilled meat (pork) and some rice. I might just make a little salad and we’re good to go.

All of my seeds are growing and I can’t wait to see them turn into big plants and eventually flowers. I hope they do well.

The wind is back but it’s quite hot and the perfect weather to dry our laundry outside (talking about chores again, have I become my grandmother?) and the plants like it too. We’re very lucky because we sort of have a micro climate, which means it’s always less hot than in the city (Lisbon, we’re about 45 minutes away, into the countryside), which is good in the Summer but not so nice in the Winter. Our house is quite cool too, because the walls are thick. My mother’s house, for example, feels like you’re in the oven. It’s actually 27ΒΊC in Lisbon and 21ΒΊC here in Mafra. We always have a difference of about 5/6 degrees, all year round.

My moms new kitten is getting along so great with her big cat, Gatsby. He’s not the most sociable cat so we think that having a little friend is going to be so good for him. They play a lot and he’s really protective of her. He keeps looking at her, all they long. He licks her and even goes to her litter box to cover her poop. Big brother tasks. She adores him and spends her day provoking him and chasing his tail. My parents’ house is all fun and games now. Pets bring so much joy and make a home a happier one.

I must confess I’m also writing this post so I don’t have to get up and vacuum. You know it’s my most hated task. No idea why. Maybe because it hurts my back?

We have no plans for the weekend. I might blog and just chill. Catch up on a few things and study. We might get into some of the movies I need to watch for my American cinema exams. Lord Of The Rings, how I hate you! You are the only movie that makes me fall asleep. You’re long and boring and weird and I just can’t.

So, I’m off to vacuum and empty the dishwasher (wow, first time I said that) and fold endless laundry while I watch some trashy TV.

Talk to me, I miss you.

Thank you for reading and being awesome and sweet.