“I see the back fat and I choose to love it” Ashley Graham Ted Talk

I came across this video yesterday and it gave me a lot to think about. Do you choose to love your flaws? I know I don’t. Could I ever? I have no idea.

What is your opinion on this topic?

What do you have to say about this video?

Do you love yourself just the way you are?



46 thoughts on ““I see the back fat and I choose to love it” Ashley Graham Ted Talk

  1. Wow that’s some powerful stuff… Goosebumps!! My favourite…..
    Be your favorite kind of woman!
    Ashley is such a good role model for woman!! Really like and admire her!!
    Thank you for sharing xx

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  2. I think as long as you’re healthy, it’s okay to be as small or big as you want (: it’s when people become too small or too big that it threatens their well-being…that shouldn’t be acceptable. They should want to live full lives! IMO

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! I especially love the part where she says her mom taught her to love herself from withinπŸ’– I’m definitely sharing this with my daughter. Thank you very much 😁

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  4. I never knew Ashely Graham did a Ted Talk! They should advertise it more! Thank you for sharing! I love your content and I’m looking forward to reading your future posts.

    Come visit some time!

    πŸ’—, Mena from noirerewritten.com

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    • I found out about it because she did “73 questions with Vogue” which I don’t know if you’re familiar with, but it’s a series of interview videos by Vogue. I loved her Ted talk and really wanted to share it with my readers. πŸ™‚

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  5. She really makes a lot of good points about self love ❀️..

    If only it was as easily as that..
    I had grown to accept me as is knowing that I can’t be anyone else but me..

    But truth be told.. my little flaws that only me can see..I was never fully happy 😊 with.. so I learned to ignore them more than accepting them..

    That mirror.. and those perfect πŸ‘Œ looking girl in magazines and movies.. is our worst enemies…
    I’m always so admiring those who are so confident and loving themselves

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    • Yes, it is hard. I wonder “is she really that confident? Doesn’t she ever question herself?” If she is, I truly admire her. I am not like that at all. I focus on my flaws and cannot forget about them. I think this is the case for most people, unfortunately.

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      • You are right..

        But you can learn to accept you as you.. and know and come to realization that what you think is a flaw. Is what makes you so unique and special.. and most times that what makes you stand out. And likable

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  6. I already love Ashley, and her being able to just stop all the hate and show people that there is something about yourself to love is phenomenal.
    Thank you for sharing!


  7. I absolutely love, love, love Ashley Graham. I think she’s an incredible role model, especially within the modeling industry. For so long we only saw one body type being portrayed at fashion shows and throughout fashion magazines, and I think it’s refreshing to see someone that looks different than everyone else and see someone that genuinely loves the way they look, inside and out.

    With that being said, I wish I could practice as much self-love as she does. As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder and still struggles with the negative thoughts that surround my body and my body image, I hope one day I can really choose to love myself for all that I am and all that I’m not. I’m not there yet, but I’m certainly working on it!

    Thank you for sharing! xoxo

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    • Thank you for sharing. I wish the same for me. I was never this big but I was never the skinny type either. Always curvy, big boobs, thick thighs and hips since I was about 13. It has always bothered me. I know I can be much thinner than I am now because I’ve gained 30 kg since being sick but I know I’ll never be skinny unless I work out for 2 hours every day and starve myself. I would be contempt if I lost this 30 kg I have gained, which would put me at what is considered a healthy weight for my height (1.58 m). I felt better about myself before these 30 kg, for sure.

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  8. Personally for me once a accepted myself and began loving myself it was amazing that my appetite and weight began to self regulate because I let go of the obsession to lose weight. I. The end I actually lost weight anyway. But regardless if you do or don’t I think that it doesn’t matter if you eat the healthiest diet if you can’t feel good in your skin your really only halfway healthy


  9. I don’t know much about Ashley Graham, but she is gorgeous (I mean she’s a model πŸ˜€ ), and she speaks really well on this subject. Self love is incredibly hard, and I think lots of us think we’ll never reach it. I’m 25, and I still can’t say I’m’ that happy in my own skin. I’m happier than I was growing up though. Especially for us girls, where we get surrounded by certain images, it doesn’t help, especially for younger girls. But talks like these, and other inspring people who encourage us to break the mold and just focus on being confident in our own skin, I think it does help in some ways. Baby steps right?

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  10. What would I say to myself in the mirror? That I just have to be healthy in body and in my mind. Both matter more than what the world might have to say about my body. Ashley Graham sends such a healthy message with this talk. The lesson does begin with loving yourself first. It is something the years are teaching me and I but am still a learner πŸ™‚

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  11. I think that we all look at ourselves with a very critical eye, I know that at least I do. It has been a struggle to feel beautiful when I don’t feel ideal, but I tell myself that as long as I can workout and eat well, I have beauty and power and control. I like to feel strong and healthy. Anytime I let that go, my self-confidence diminishes as well. I’ve started telling myself that as long as I feel good in my body, I can be happy with it, even without perfection.

    Videos such as these should be presented in schools for young women to see. They don’t go out of their way to look past mainstream media, yet there are so many inspiring women and people out there doing inspiring things. Here’s a beautiful woman with a beautiful body. I’m sure she takes care of it, but she doesn’t fit a mold. It’s so refreshing to see beautiful women of all varieties.

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    • I just wish this was the norm. I don’t mean her size, I mean every size. That we would look at each other and find every size normal. I can look at all kinds of women and find them beautiful, not so much when it comes to myself. We are always so critical of ourselves and plain mean sometimes. Children need to be taught how to love themselves for who they are and what they look like.

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      • I read somewhere, I think it was a project by Dove, the soap company; they took a worldwide survey and found that only 3% of the world’s women consider themselves beautiful. Can you imagine that? I look around and see beautiful women everywhere, and yet we’re all putting ourselves down. Even when our men love us, we insist on pointing out our flaws to them. For what purpose? To change their minds? It’s such a bad use of energy. It was great to see this post from you because we all need constant reminders to check our thinking and evaluate our ideas. Women need to keep supporting women in this because, honestly, I feel like women are as much a part of the problem as men are, maybe more so. We have to take charge of redefining beauty.

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        • You’re absolutely right. I mean, it’s very rare for me to look at a woman and find her ugly. I’m good at finding beauty in others, not so much when it comes to myself. Some people hate themselves and project that on others. You read such awful comments all over the internet. Even in this video, if you look at the comments, there’s so much hate.

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              • I think some people confuse having fat on your body to being fat. She obviously takes care of her body. They just can’t see it because such a narrow idea of what being fit looks like. And so what if she enjoys eating rice? God gave us food to enjoy! Healthy women come in many sizes. Ignorance is sad and infuriating.

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  12. I definitely don’t love all my flaws, but I’ve accepted most of them. Instead of looking at the things I don’t like about myself as flaws, I look at them as features that make me unique. After awhile, I believe everyone should accept themselves for who they are because it will make them happier in the end. πŸ™‚

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  13. Ashley has been on a couple of the Talk Shows I watch, she’s so confident and inspiring especially for women who aren’t so confident in their skin and their size. A great role model! And I agree with the comments, as long as you’re healthy, and not just eating junk that’s what should matter. I’m still learning to fully accept myself but I’m also making improvements for the better while doing so. It’s a long journey of course and definitely not easy but I know I’m on my way.

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      • I always hear that as you grow older like 30s and 40s that when you’re most confident, probably because you’re a lot wiser and don’t care much what people think lol I hope that’s true


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