Good morning folks,

I’ve actually woken up early today. I guess less meds is working and I’m needing less sleep, which is really cool. More time for procrastinating.

So far I’ve had my oatmeal, 1/3 of the water I need to drink for today (can’t let my little plant die) and some coffee. I’ve also broken a glass. My drying dishes pile situation is usually on point, but there was a slip and… well… may his soul rest in peace. His 11 twins shall miss him.

I have big domestic plans for today, like the middle age housewife that I am. Stay-at-home mom to Rosa and my one surviving plant. I’ve even manage to kill a bamboo. (Not making fun of housewives or stay-at-home moms, at all. I plan to be a stay-at-home mom one day)

Saturday’s fun list:

  • Fold and putΒ away the biggest pile of laundry EVER!
  • I need to finish doing laundry, I still have about one load to do;
  • Go through our clothes, decide what’s to donate, what’s to trash, what’s to mend, what doesn’t fit and needs to be put away (My weight changes a lot, not going to throw everything that doesn’t fit away), maybe sell some things (would you like to shop my closet? I have a ton of unworn items!!). Also go through our underwear and pjsΒ and Β throw away things that are too old, too used or in bad shape. I obviously don’t mend or donate socks and panties/boxers. Organize all the existing clothes!
  • Make rags and wash cloths out of old towels. Keep some towels for cleaning emergencies, leaks, etc;
  • Do the same with shoes;
  • Finish cleaning my kitchen (clean microwave, dry and put away yesterday’s dishes, clean fridge, clean open shelving, clean table, clean floor, clean counter, clean oven and stove top, clean door);
  • Find a way to force the damn chicken breast to be departed with the freezer. I won’t give up on my chicken curry for tonight!
  • Take pictures of all the things I want to show you;
  • Do all of the Award posts I’m nominated for;
  • Call the library;
  • Clean the bathroom;
  • Read all the posts that show up on my reader;
  • Come up with a schedule to start applying for next week, one that includes my study hours and exam preparation;
  • Do my yoga;
  • Change my sheets and make bed;
  • Put away the billions of things I have on my dinning table that don’t belong there;
  • Drink 1,5 l of water;
  • Cut up some pineapple, Rui loves it!
  • Make some jello;
  • Call my mother, my grandmother, my sister, my mother-in-law, my aunt Lena and my aunt Amelia;
  • Plan something with the girls;
  • Write a bunch of postcards and letters to mail on Monday;
  • Be super nice and iron a few shirts for Rui, for the whole week;
  • Buy bread, fabric softener, cheese, apples;
  • See if my sewing machine is working;
  • Think about buying that Ikea mirror that I want because it’s finally on sale;
  • Wash the trash can;

That’s it. I love doing chores on Saturday. Plus I woke up early so I will probably have time to do everything. I’m excited! Let’s be productive?

Who’s with me?

Are you going to have a productive day or a lazy day or a fun day?

Tell me in the comment section, you know I’m nosy and live to know what everyone is up to!!

Love ya!