Huge to-do list update – for the curious souls!

Good evening friends,

Many of you asked for an update on my to-do list for today.

I can never say no to you, so here it is:

Saturday’s fun list:

  • Fold and put away the biggest pile of laundry EVER! – Yes, I did.
  • I need to finish doing laundry, I still have about one load to do; – Did that one load, then one with Rui’s tennis sneakers, one with my sleepers, another one of lights, and have one load right now, of dark clothes, the dirty laundry that Rui brought from his trip;
  • Go through our clothes, decide what’s to donate, what’s to trash, what’s to mend, what doesn’t fit and needs to be put away (My weight changes a lot, not going to throw everything that doesn’t fit away), maybe sell some things (would you like to shop my closet? I have a ton of unworn items!!). Also go through our underwear and pjs and  throw away things that are too old, too used or in bad shape. I obviously don’t mend or donate socks and panties/boxers. Organize all the existing clothes! – Did all of these. Have a huge pile of clothes that don’t fit me put away, a pile to donate, trashed two bags, have a bag of shoes to donate as well and completely reorganized all of our clothes;
  • Make rags and wash cloths out of old towels. Keep some towels for cleaning emergencies, leaks, etc; – Done. Have quite a few rags and wash cloths;
  • Do the same with shoes; – Yes, I have a bag of shoes to donate;
  • Finish cleaning my kitchen (clean microwave, dry and put away yesterday’s dishes, clean fridge, clean open shelving, clean table, clean floor, clean counter, clean oven and stove top, clean door); – Only missed fridge, oven and door;
  • Find a way to force the damn chicken breast to be departed with the freezer. I won’t give up on my chicken curry for tonight! – I had to fight it but I manage to take it out on my own;
  • Take pictures of all the things I want to show you; – Yes, I did. They’re coming next;
  • Do all of the Award posts I’m nominated for; – Haven’t even touched them. Maybe after Rui is in bed;
  • Call the library; – Called. Have another 15 days with the books;
  • Clean the bathroom; – Clean!
  • Read all the posts that show up on my reader; – Not yet, will get to them now;
  • Come up with a schedule to start applying for next week, one that includes my study hours and exam preparation; – I have a draft, I will do a final one and share tomorrow;
  • Do my yoga; – Nope. Maybe I’ll still do it. But I didn’t stop at all after 2 p.m so I might not do it;
  • Change my sheets and make bed; – Will do that in 5 minutes before bed;
  • Put away the billions of things I have on my dinning table that don’t belong there; – Done;
  • Drink 1,5 l of water; – I have actually almost drank two liters. I’m finishing a cup now;
  • Cut up some pineapple, Rui loves it! – Did it, we had it for dessert;
  • Make some jello; – Done. Blueberry, fat-free jello;
  • Call my mother, my grandmother, my sister, my mother-in-law, my aunt Lena and my aunt Amelia; – Didn’t call anyone. Texted my mother, will probably text my sister and call everyone else tomorrow;
  • Plan something with the girls; – Working on it for April 25. 
  • Write a bunch of postcards and letters to mail on Monday; Nope, didn’t get to them;
  • Be super nice and iron a few shirts for Rui, for the whole week; – Nope, will do it tomorrow so he can be all set for the week ahead;
  • Buy bread, fabric softener, cheese, apples; – Nope, Rui got home at 8.30 p.m;
  • See if my sewing machine is working; – Didn’t touch it;
  • Think about buying that Ikea mirror that I want because it’s finally on sale; – It will be on sale on May 20 and it will be mine!
  • Wash the trash can; – I did and also washed the bathroom trash can;

So guys, this is what I manage to do. Did you have a productive day?

Things to improve:

  • My curry turned out pretty bad. I bought light coconut milk and it was way to watery for what I wanted. The frozen mushrooms were too pasty and wet and my sauce was too liquid. I decided to add some seeds and it was an even bigger mistake. When it touches liquids, chia turns into gelatin; The sauce got thicker but a very disgusting, jelly thing.
  • I bit my nail too much and now I might have a small infection;
  • I don’t pay attention to my posture while cleaning and now I have a backache!
  • I was bleaching the bathroom and left bleach for too long on my turquoise toilet sit. Now it has green stains. Shit;
  • I forgot to wash and moisturize my face in the morning and to freakin brush my teeth after lunch. I’m such a dirty pig!!

Things I’m grateful for:

  • Once again, good weather to dry my laundry;
  • Being able to do so much;
  • Some new followers;
  • Talking to my blogging friends;
  • That honey came back home from his work trip. I missed him so much;
  • Waking up early (9.30);
  • The amount of water I drank today!

What I ate:

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal; Some water;
  • Lunch: 3 scrambled eggs (with olive oil), one slice of seed bread, and a salad: Cucumber, baby carrots, olives and sweet corn;
  • Snack: Half a cup of mixed nuts; a small cup of coffee (with a little stevia)
  • Dinner: Mushroom chicken curry with spinach and carrot rice and a salad: Tomato, olives, cucumber, sweet corn;

Glasses of water: 4 (500 ml) so far (10 p.m) – more than my goal!! Yay!!

Photo dump: shitty pictures

What doesn’t fit me makes me stronger
My open shelving units
Open shelving: yay or nay?
Blueberry jello. Looks like a black hole!
Our Spring clothes, after the reorganization. So close together because of lack of space love!
The shittiest picture ever of the beautiful blouse my cousin gave me as a gift
Donating pile
I bought some drawing paper, brushes and gouache. I’m gonna be an artist… not!
Another lovely shitty picture of the inside of our closet where you can contemplate blankets, winter clothes, old towels and such shit.
The gorgeous bracelet my cousin gifted me with, to match the blouse!
My bitch hat. I’m gonna be the cutest redneck at the bitch!
The lovely pineapple!



38 thoughts on “Huge to-do list update – for the curious souls!

  1. Woo! Lots of stuff done. As a random sidenote, because of timezones, I always read your morning post and then your update post like an hour later. So in my head, you do all this stuff within an hour, which is impressive and impossible lol.
    That bitch hat is amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. wow…you still got so much done…re the curry. I use Coconut cream from the tin and never the can always add water later if its too thick. That top is lovely and the bracelet. I think I need you at my place to organize my cupboards and kitchen…mine is hit and miss….


  3. reading your posts about your to do lists inspires me to make a similar post. I might have to use this idea! I usually write everything done in my bullet journal but I just cross off I don’t really get to talk about it, if that makes sense. I guess I really don’t need to talk about laundry but sometimes you need to tell someone you can’t find the matching sock!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. lol you’re always so funny! In sorry everything didn’t turn out so well but at least most did and next time they will, and the shelving unit looks nice I really like it so that’s a yay from me!

    Liked by 1 person

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