Just random Saturday happenings and a pen pal check!! (Please read if you’re one of my pen pals)

Hey guys,

I’m back.

We went to the library to renew some books I haven’t managed to read yet and to get the second Harry Potter book. Being the ignorant I am, I came out with «Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire». Mr. R was in the car and kindly informed me that I had brought the 4th book (his favorite) instead of the second. I went back inside and told the lady I needed «Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets». It was not on the shelf and the lady said she would check the deposit (where they keep the extra books). There it was, and it’s now home with me. I would love to finish it this week.

Then we went shopping for some fresh fish for dinner, that Mr. R is going to cook, since I don’t feel so well. We picked up a few more things, like ginger ale (for my nausea), my special, sugar-free, whole wheat bread, hot wax for my, well waxing, and then I had a brilliant idea (pfff). What if I bought my seeds in bulk and mixed them myself? It would be cheaper right? So I bought assorted seeds, little 200 g packages and ended up with 1,2 kg for 9€, instead of the usual 200 g package for 4€. The price per kg was 20€ before and it is 7,50€ now. What a huge difference!! I’m glad I thought of this one. Not brilliant but good to save a few bucks!

I wanted to buy frozen berries but they are 4€ per 750 g at Aldi and were 5,09€ for 400 g at this shop. Super expensive, so I did not buy that. This healthy lifestyle is not cheap at all, but I feel so much better eating right and putting good foods into my body. We are totally go over our grocery budget but I haven’t given up on 150€ a month yet, so I will try again next month.

I want to make sure I have the contact of my pen pals, so I will make a pen pal list and, in case I have forgotten you for some reason, you can tell me!

My lovely pen pals:

  1. Katrina
  2. Dani
  3. Hannah
  4. Emma
  5. Geraint
  6. Pamela
  7. Brittany
  8. Kevin
  9. Alanna
  10. Purple Owl
  11. Sophie
  12. Natalie
  13. Cathy (not her real name, private joke alert!)
  14. Shweta
  15. Oriana
  16. Swetlana

Dear pen pals, I would love if you would comment this post with “check” if I have already contacted you and if a) you have my address, b) I have yours!

If something is missing please tell me what in the comments and I will contact you!

If I forgot someone, PLEASE tell me!

If you’re not one of my pen pals but wish to be, send me an email to:


That’s it, my friends. I will next post a list of books I hope to read until the end of the month or next month.

Thank you so much for enduring my endless posts.

Love you all.



31 thoughts on “Just random Saturday happenings and a pen pal check!! (Please read if you’re one of my pen pals)

  1. I just noticed that I got extremely behind in keeping up with your posts…. oh me, where has the time gone. Well it’s summer and I am running around with my toddler. You should have my address either from email or from the handwritten letter, if you don’t let me know 😀 Makes me antsy in anticipation like when I was in the Army, happily checking the mail hoping for something other than bills 😛 Now that I noticed how far I am behind I will have to spend some of my free time tomorrow catching up on the posts I have missed 😀


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