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The Awesome Blogger Award and a letter to its awesome creator!!

My dear friend Maggie, who blogs over at Dreaming of Guatemala has just created her own Award to celebrate her birthday, which was on Monday, the 10th. I'm so proud of her for taking this step and for being such a creative,... Continue Reading →

Just random Saturday happenings and a pen pal check!! (Please read if you’re one of my pen pals)

Hey guys, I'm back. We went to the library to renew some books I haven't managed to read yet and to get the second Harry Potter book. Being the ignorant I am, I came out with «Harry Potter and the... Continue Reading →

Letters for days – Asking for pen pals!

There's nothing better than receiving a letter or a postcard, right? I always feel sad that no one sends letters nowadays, so the only thing I get is my gas bill. So, I decided that I would like to bring... Continue Reading →

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