Hello dear friends,

I hope everyone is doing okay and kicking this Thursday’s butt!

I just got out of bed at 3.30 p.m, as I’m not feeling so well. Please don’t worry at all, my doctor told me that some days I will be super sleepy and week and dizzy and today is just one of those days. Mentally, I’m perfect and calm. No depressed thoughts or anxiety. My body is just responding to my medication, which is a good thing. So please, don’t worry about me. I’m fine, and super relaxed.

I don’t have much to do today, only need to do the usual bedroom routine of opening windows, letting my bed air, closing windows, making bed, turning on dehumidifier.

I have about three loads of laundry to put away which is easy!

I also have dishes to wash but I’m out of dish soap hahaha so I need to wait for bae to buy some after work. (I’ve decided that my daily health updates will have a theme, this one seemed appropriate for today). I’m a very… resourceful person and, for example, when I’m out of washing powder I will use dish soap in the washer. It washes clothes wonderfully and it’s amazing for stains. Being out of dish soap I could wash the dishes with the kitchen cleaning spray or bleach, but why bother? They can totally wait.

I’ve finished watching Victoria, and I want to cry. They give us this amazing shows with like 8 episodes and then you have to wait a year until you get the next season. What am I going to watch now. Must follow the suggestions of dear Danielle, who has mentioned a few things that I might be interested in watching in a comment. I thank you so much, my friend!!

Also, I though I might read. I have had two book half way for way too long. I would like to finish them really soon. I might get to that, after reading all of your lovely blogs. I like to get updated on that first.

See you later, my people!