Health for days journey – day 14 (update)

Hey guys!

I’m back for my update!

How was your day?

I did basically nothing lol

I was taking care of some papers to see if I can get a grant to pay for this years school tuition (now that I’m not working) and trying to read some blogs but my internet was going crazy so I was unable to do much. I did get the grant thing sorted out and taken care of, but I’ve yet to read any blogs. Will do that now. Mr. R got home super early and said we were going into town for ice cream. Okay, always fine with me. It was good because I needed to buy some postcards (I have 13 pen pals), some incense, and some groceries (my dish soap, some milk (I go trough milk like I go through water), my cheat day cereal for Saturday morning, some deodorant, butter (fat-free) and stove cleaner. We ended up just buying ice-cream at the store for desert.

Dinner was already made from yesterday so we just had to heat it up. Now we’re watching an episode of breaking bad. I will leave the dishes for tomorrow and start reading blogs now.

I took a bunch of pictures today, for you guys, but I’m having internet issues so, maybe tomorrow!!

Love you so much!!




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