Hi friends!

How is everyone? Seriously, tell me. Are you having a good day/week? My comment section is perfect for venting and I’m a good listener.

I’m well but sad because I was not able to go to work. It’s useless to try. My medication leaves me so sleepy and slow and dizzy and kind of high in the morning. I was trying to push myself into working part-time but it doesn’t go well with my health journey. I’m sad, I wanted to contribute with some money (not that Rui has asked me for anything, quite the contrary, actually) because I’m used having a job and earning money. I guess that’s not possible at all, for now. It makes me sad anyway.

I had breakfast at about 8.30 because I intended to go, but I soon realized I was unable so I got back to bed. Now I’m having a healthy lunch. Cheese sandwich in whole wheat bread, some coffee with milk, water, cucumber slices, carrot sticks, kiwi and orange.

I’m making sure I drink enough water, have enough fiber, no sugar (I bought this bread because it has no sugar. I mean, why do people put sugar in bread? It’s beyond my understanding) and my 5 portions of fruit and veggies a day. I had a banana with breakfast, portion one. Cucumbers, portion two. Carrots, portion three. Big orange portion four. two small kiwis, portion five. I will have a big salad with dinner, as usual, so I will have more than 5 portions. Yay!!

I won’t do much today, other than read blogs and maybe watch a show.

I’ve two loads of laundry to fold, one drying and one in the washer.

I need to do dishes, but I do that quickly.

Other than that it’s just a few phone calls and emails.

What are you up to today?

Will be back later.

Big hugs.