Would you guys like to know how was the first day of my getting healthy journey?

Let’s see how I did with my plan:

Today’s to-dos:

  • Talk to my students: Ery, Raphael, Sofia, Milene, Laís, Catarina, Ana, Filipa, Gustavo, Luís, Welton, Carla, António, Isabel; – done
  • Research dietary changes; – done
  • Cut hair; do a mask; – done
  • Talk to x about guest post; – done
  • Make waxing appointment for tomorrow (have gynecologist’s appointment on Wednesday and don’t want him having problems finding anything #queenofTMI); – done
  • Update “getting my shit together list” – done
  • Get to know 5 blogs and bloggers better. Dive into their blogs, read some articles, comment, like, support. I want my readers to know I’m their reader too. – tonight
  • Fold and put away laundry; – done
  • Change bed sheets; – done
  • Wash blankets from sofa (dog hair for days, that should have been the name of this blog) – done
  • Dust bedroom; – done
  • Put away dishes; – done
  • Do dishes; – done
  • Do a few loads of laundry; – done
  • Work out (try new?) – done
  • Watch movie (Casablanca) while crocheting; – started, but was too boring;
  • Take it easy!!! – done

My day in pictures:

Very simple breakfast – coffee and pears and kiwi
Some planning
Some more planning
Dishes done


Clean Kitchen
Bed is made
Sorted some clothes
Laundry folded
Healthy lunch
New Zumba workout
Afternoon snack


I decided to try a new Zumba workout and couldn’t keep up at all! hahaha wrong video. My two left feet couldn’t understand where they should go. I did the whole thing, though, making a fool of myself. Later I did my Yoga workout and it was much better.

I also cut my hair, because I had some split ends. Does it look okay?


What else did I do? I took a nap, for about an hour. Started reading Harry Potter too, currently on page 63!

And that’s it, guys!! How was your day??