Health for days journal – day one (update)

Would you guys like to know how was the first day of my getting healthy journey?

Let’s see how I did with my plan:

Today’s to-dos:

  • Talk to my students: Ery, Raphael, Sofia, Milene, Laís, Catarina, Ana, Filipa, Gustavo, Luís, Welton, Carla, António, Isabel; – done
  • Research dietary changes; – done
  • Cut hair; do a mask; – done
  • Talk to x about guest post; – done
  • Make waxing appointment for tomorrow (have gynecologist’s appointment on Wednesday and don’t want him having problems finding anything #queenofTMI); – done
  • Update “getting my shit together list” – done
  • Get to know 5 blogs and bloggers better. Dive into their blogs, read some articles, comment, like, support. I want my readers to know I’m their reader too. – tonight
  • Fold and put away laundry; – done
  • Change bed sheets; – done
  • Wash blankets from sofa (dog hair for days, that should have been the name of this blog) – done
  • Dust bedroom; – done
  • Put away dishes; – done
  • Do dishes; – done
  • Do a few loads of laundry; – done
  • Work out (try new?) – done
  • Watch movie (Casablanca) while crocheting; – started, but was too boring;
  • Take it easy!!! – done

My day in pictures:

Very simple breakfast – coffee and pears and kiwi
Some planning
Some more planning
Dishes done


Clean Kitchen
Bed is made
Sorted some clothes
Laundry folded
Healthy lunch
New Zumba workout
Afternoon snack


I decided to try a new Zumba workout and couldn’t keep up at all! hahaha wrong video. My two left feet couldn’t understand where they should go. I did the whole thing, though, making a fool of myself. Later I did my Yoga workout and it was much better.

I also cut my hair, because I had some split ends. Does it look okay?


What else did I do? I took a nap, for about an hour. Started reading Harry Potter too, currently on page 63!

And that’s it, guys!! How was your day??



55 thoughts on “Health for days journal – day one (update)

  1. You’re always well organized and get the job done! Love your planning abilities, I sometimes start planning and just say forget it or only finish a few on the list- I’m working on it though lol. Your day seemed very eventful, I can’t wait to get mine started in my own apartment I think things will be a lot easier for me getting things done. I’ll be starting my healthy eating and work outs soon too. Most of my day has been YouTube Vlog watching, bonding my guinea pigs, and blogging😊

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  2. Hi! I’m glad you’ve had a very productive day and the pictures look lovely! Your hair looks lovely I think it suits you! I’ve had a good day, I was at school for most of it but I came home and did some ironing but now I’ve got a burning headache and I don’t feel so well! Probably due to the lack of sleep I’ve been having x

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  3. Woah! Your day was super productive 🙂 love your house too, it’s cute! I just worked all day 😅 nothing too exciting here! I’m especially happy about your Harry Potter plans!


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