Hello my loves,

Today is day two of my health journey. I slept AMAZINGLY last night, can’t even remember dreaming. I went to be bed at 10 and immediately fell asleep. Woke up at 6 feeling super rested but Rui gets pissed if I get up that early and don’t rest until 8 (when we have to get up for work). He says I need to rest and fuc**** slow down lol. So I remained in bed and slept for two more hours.

First of all, I would like to report that since leaving my cereal and being sick with gastritis (less than a week) I have lost 1,3 Β kg (2.6 pounds give or take?), which makes me happy!!

Now I’m at the office and shamefully need to report that I skipped my 9 a.m waxing appointment, because I dread the pain and chickened out!! My gynecologist will have to deal with whatever there’s down there (#queenofTMI).

I have 3 and half hours of class to teach today and need to talk to my landlord about leaving the office. When I don’t have it I will teach at my student’s house.

I need to find time to do my yoga video tonight, when I get home. I seem to be addicted to it hahaha. I start to feel results and I feel so good after I do it. It feels like I just had a massage. It’s so so good.

I need to keep eating healthy. So far, this morning, I have eaten only two apples. I didn’t feel like eating anything else and didn’t want to push it. I’ve had lots of water too. I have a sandwich to eat before lunchtime comes, If I feel hungry.

I should check my Italian and German homework and get to it, I’m kind of behind.

I have nothing else cooked for dinner and for tomorrow’s lunch, so I need to cook today too.

Some family member are here from the USA and I’m not sure if we are going to meet them today evening, but I would like too.

I intend to continue on reading Harry Potter (I accidentally typed happy potter and then corrected lol is the guy happy?) and my friend’s book at the same time.

I’m considering whether I will share my blog on my personal Facebook, so people I know can have access to it. I would like to. To feel that I don’t need to be ashamed of anything. If anything I should feel proud. Let’s see what I decide.

I love you and I will update you tonight.