Pink For Days

Since publishing this list, I’ve been able to complete a few things, which makes me feel happy and a little productive. I will give you guys an update:

  • Launch my English materials website and blog, for my students; Upload all the material; – Will be on stand-by since I’m not working;
  • Take all the borrowed books I have to their respective library (libraries); – one is done, three to go;
  • Set up my dental insurance;
  • Schedule a dentist appointment; (desperately in need)
  • Schedule a dermatology appointment to see about my rosacea (desperately in need, as you can see, I take great care of myself);
  • Email my teachers to tell them I won’t be attending class, just study by myself and taking the tests (3 courses); – done, they didn’t even answer, though
  • Read the book my friend has just published; – half-way there;
  • Make a budget;
  • Take my…

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