Getting my shit together list – Update 2

Pink for Days

Since publishing this list, I’ve been able to complete a few things, which makes me feel happy and a little productive. I will give you guys an update:

  • Launch my English materials website and blog, for my students; Upload all the material; – Will be on stand-by since I’m not working;
  • Take all the borrowed books I have to their respective library (libraries); – one is done, three to go;
  • Set up my dental insurance;
  • Schedule a dentist appointment; (desperately in need)
  • Schedule a dermatology appointment to see about my rosacea (desperately in need, as you can see, I take great care of myself);
  • Email my teachers to tell them I won’t be attending class, just study by myself and taking the tests (3 courses); – done, they didn’t even answer, though
  • Read the book my friend has just published; – half-way there;
  • Make a budget;
  • Take my…

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10 thoughts on “Getting my shit together list – Update 2

  1. Keep plugging away! Your progress is positive. I am sorry your instructors did not reply. It is always so important to me that lines of communication are open and working between my students and myself. Keep up the good work!

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