Dear friends, If you would like to read the most perfect article about shopping for healthy food on a budget and in an extremely organized way, you should read this post by my friend Monica. This is the best post I’ve read about conscious shopping and meal planning. There’s so much we can take from Monica’s post. Please read it and then head over to her blog. You won’t be wasting your time!

One-Way to Health

A 7-days healthy meal plan for a family of 2 adults and 2 children, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, nappies, a few household essentials and yes, even my son’s 1st birthday cake!


Over the past week, I have had a few people asking me to provide a shopping list and a 7-days meal plan, to show how to cook healthy meals for the whole family on a tight budget.

So, before we get to the shopping list and meal plan, let me tell you how I plan my shopping. Plan, yes, you’ve heard it right. Planning is essential if you have a low weekly budget you need to stick to. This is the process I usually follow.

  1. Check online for the best fruit and veg offers and take it from there: If you live near Aldi and Lidl, try to do your shopping there. Most items are cheaper than in…

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