Liebster Award

So this is my very first time doing this. Dear Valerie from Living Lighter in Atlanta nominated me and I’m honored that she thought of me and very happy to be a part of it. If you don’t know her blog, consider this a recommendation! Her blog is great and she’s really sweet and helpful to new bloggers. Her questions are great and I can’t wait to get to them, so here we go:

What’s something in your life that is unexpected?

I will definitely have to say my business. I started as a tutor for years ago, going from house to house to help people with their English. Then it started to grow, I started to get more students, more recommendations and more work. Now I have an office and my own business. I never thought I will be self-employed and own my own business by 25. I’m very proud of it.

Are you following the same religious beliefs that you grew up with?

I guess I will have to say no. I was raised catholic and all my family members are catholic. Me? not so much. I believe in God, I pray and I have faith but I try to follow my own religion, which is based on love and trying to be good and kind to other people. I feel like I also have my own God, whom I talk to, who never leaves me alone and is always willing to comfort me. This is my religion.

What is a special calendar date for you that has nothing to do with marriage, birth, or death? What happened on that date?

I’m always nostalgic and happy when I think about the day when my boyfriend moved to Lisbon. We were already in love but living very far away and that meant we couldn’t be together. I remember being at a dinner party and the exact moment that he told me “I’m in Lisbon”. That made my heart really happy and hopeful. We’ve been together ever since. March 3rd, 2013 I will never forget you.

Have you ever struggled with anxiety, depression, or another emotional issue? What technique, person, and/or treatment did you find the most beneficial?

I’ve been dealing with both for a few years now and still struggle every day. Some are harder than others but never easy. I guess we just go through life with a backpack full of rocks. That’s how it feels and that’s how I explain it to other people. I’m very open about it and talk about my journey on the blog. I’m currently changing medications and doctors and still trying to figure out what works for me. Swimming is relaxing and I feel better when I swim so that is something that helps me, when I get the chance to do it. My therapist is also great and super supportive. My boyfriend is the best and I couldn’t do it without him by my side.

When was the last time that you felt a sense of wonder and/or awe?Β 

Well, sometimes my students say really crazy things that leave me in awe. Is that the question? Sometimes they say something and I just think “how can you not know this. How did you live this far?” Like that time when my student said that she didn’t sleep 8 hours, she slept only minutes because she fell asleep and was immediately woken up. Her justification for that is that people on the other side of the world, where the sun is shinning must go through their day a lot faster than us. How can I answer this? I can’t. My brain might explode.

Now it’s time for my questions: (Yeih)

  1. What is something that your dream house must have?
  2. Who is your absolute best friend? Tell me about them.
  3. Would you like to be a mother/father? How many kids would you like to have?
  4. Are you what you wanted to be when you grew up?
  5. What makes you really angry?

And my nominees:

Of Lashes and Leith

Blissfully Brittany

Golden Pink Journal



Now it’s up to them to answer my questions and nominate some other bloggers πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Wow! I just posted my sentiments on not achieving my dream to become a teacher..and your post gave me a mixed emotion on this 😦 πŸ™‚ .

    Congratulations and thank you for sharing. – Sun.


    • Hey, why can’t you be a teacher? You can be whatever you want. I’ll tell you a secret. My dream is to be a doctor. I’m still considering going to med school and I’m 25 years old. It will take me 6 years, it’s a long and difficult journey but I don’t know if I can just forget about my dream and go on with my life.

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  2. I’m still considering to pursue teaching but that would take sacrifices to achieve. I need to quit my job to focus on the review for Licensure examination..and I don’t think I can afford quitting my job for now..


  3. You could work part-time maybe? Or save up for a few months. I don’t know about your situation but I’m sure you can do it, even if you have to wait an year or two. I believe in you. You have my full support!


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