Embrace the craziness – Plans for the week

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This has been a long weekend as I haven’t been working since Tuesday. It was great because I had the chance to rest and not worry, which made me less exhausted. My doctor said I was too anxious and that I needed to calm down, so I did. I think my new pill are better for me (maybe is just my mind because it’s probably too early to tell) because the nightmares are gone and I’m not as sleepy as I used to be. I woke up at 8 today, feeling rested. I stayed in bed longer because I wanted to, not because I didn’t have the energy to get up. Yesterday we had a lazy day, watching TV shows. I finally convinced Rui to watch This Is Us and he liked and wanted to keep watching. We finished season 5 of American Horror Story and I loved the ending. It was great. We are now half way through season 6 and, although I think it’s scarier than the previous one, I’m not so sure I like it. Maybe that will change, as usual. I have a pattern with every season, except for season 2, which I loved from the very beginning. We cleaned the house, I folded and put away loads of laundry, now I just have 5 whole loads to dry out. I washed everything there was to wash but then we went to the wash station and it was full, so we had to bring our wet laundry back home. We will try again tomorrow. Anyway, I cleaned our bedroom, the bathroom is spotless, Rui did the kitchen and I finally organized my home office! I had energy to spend today, that makes me happy! We went grocery shopping for the week, as usual and Rui cooked two dishes for dinners and lunches throughout the week. I even managed to sew (to mend?) two bras that had the underwire poking through the fabric and hurting me. I guess that’s it… Always a very simple weekend.

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Let’s see what I manage to do from last week’s list:

1  Find a new therapist and get an appointment – didn’t have to. My new doctor recommended my old therapist so I’m keeping her. I have an appointment for Wednesday morning;

2 Take my dog to her vaccine – next weekend!!! It has to happen!

3  Prepare my schedule for the beginning of the semester and deal with the changes – all planed out;

4 Prepare myself and materials for the semester – some of them are ready, I still need to get a few things;

Reorganize my working schedule so I can be home earlier and work a little less – done. I’ve talked to my students and they all know that, from now on, I have to finish work by 8.15 p.m; My doctor said she wants me home by 9.30 p.m

6 Schedule doctor’s appointments for both of us – Nope. I was going to call, then he was going to call, then we both forgot. What a pair.

7 Deal with the laundry – I’ve folded and put away a ton and have five loads waiting to be dried and folded and put away. I guess that means I kind of dealt with it, right? Let’s be positive!

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  • Get the rest of the materials that I need for my classes, which start on Tuesday. That means getting some books, photocopies, and whatever the professors ask for.
  • Take the dog to get her shot! – This time I won’t postpone this. (Even though I’m scared shitless because she makes a huge scene and bites everyone and it’s quite a mess);
  • Make an appointment for waxing. Is this TMI?
  • Schedule a gynecologist appointment. This is definitely TMI but maybe if I talk about it other girls will remember to schedule their annual visit . If you’re like me you hate going there, you postpone it as much as you can and have nightmares about it, but we need to take care of ourselves so…
  • Meet with my friend Rita for coffee;
  • Meet with my sister for coffee;
  • Get my overdue books to the library; I’m always overdue. I can never return books on time, I think it’s some kind of syndrome.
  • Start reading the book I picked up for this week because I need to return it by Saturday and I want to read it;
  • Give the dog a bath, my poor baby kind of smells;
  • Wash my couch covers because of said smelly dog;
  • Clean the office;

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I wasn’t so bad with my goals from last week. I didn’t start reading anything but I’ve picked a book and I’m going to start tonight. I didn’t do a pantry challenge but also didn’t buy anything during the week, other than cereal and bread, I think. I organized a few things and I watched two of the nominees for best picture: Moonlight and Hidden Figures. I loved both, the first one is beautiful and different and the second is inspiring. I love movies about strong, intelligent women. I loved the part where they tear down the sign for the “colored bathroom”. I’m not a racist at all and to know that things were like that makes me sad. To have to ask for a “colored section”? That makes me angry. I’m so glad the world changed a little bit.

Goals for this week:

  • Finish my book;
  • Keep a clean house;
  • Get ahead with the reading for my classes, it gets worse with time so I need a little advance;
  • See my mom and stepdad on Friday, hopefully.
  • Take care of myself;
  • Go to bed early;
  • Drink water or tea;
  • Eat my fruit and vegetables. 5 portions each day! Coffee is a vegetable, right? Ha, I wish.

Have a great week dear followers. Tell me some of your goals so we can keep each other accountable. xo


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