Me, according to my sister

I’ve asked my sister to write a few things about me because, well she knows me better than most people. I ended up with a list of qualities and a text about how great I am (according to her), which is not exactly what I wanted (I asked for maybe a few facts) and that makes me feel like it is too much. How can she see me like that? Probably because she loves me. From my perspective, things are different and I don’t think I am half as good as she considers me to be. It is very sweet, though. I’m going to publish her quotes and comment on them but first, let me tell you about my sister.

Her name is Neide. Not a common Portuguese name, just like mine. My mother chose uncommon names for both of us and I hated them when I was younger. She is 21 years old and she kind of looks like me, but more beautiful. She is so beautiful and strong and stubborn and kind, which has helped me to forget how much of a troublemaker she was as a child and as a teenager. The worst. My poor mother. Raising this girl was not an easy task. But she has became a woman now and she is responsible (sometimes a little reckless, but I guess you never lose that) and hardworking and has her shit half together, which is nice considering how much of a train wreck her sister is. She is so funny and usually happy and positive, just like our mother. They share that. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it. I’m the pessimistic, over realistic, boring one. I wish I was just a little bit more like them. She studies (European Studies) and works (greatest lingerie salesgirl ever, ha!) and still has time to have the cutest boyfriend. Seriously, they are the cutest couple EVER!

Anyways, this is what sister has to say about me:

  • “You’re the most focused person I know. When you commit to doing something, you do it well. You can manage your business by yourself, get good grades (better than mine) and still take care of your house and have a social life. Sometimes I don’t know how you do it. When I think that I won’t be able to do something, I think: “If my sister can do it, I have to find a way”.

(Well, girl… sometimes I don’t know how I do it either. I guess I do a lot but nothing is ever done, which is sad. I drain all my energy trying to get everything done and then I get sick, which is not something you should try to do! Please take better care of yourself than your sister does. Also, I don’t have much of a social life. Unless you mean hanging out with the dog)

  • “You’re super selfless, you put the people you love above everything else, even yourself. You have always been a wonderful daughter, sister, friend and girlfriend. I know that I can always count on you. You never say no to anything that I ask and you have been taking care of me for as long as I can remember”

(That’s called love, dummy. I would do anything for you because you are my baby sister. I would give you the world if I could. You will never need anything as long as I’m here to give it to you and I will always make sure that you are happy and taken care of. I’m not sure that Rui and my friends would agree with you, though. I know that I dedicate myself way more to you and our mother than to them.)

  • “You have the greatest sense of fashion (WHAT??). You have always known how to dress yourself and how to accessorize and I love your style, that’s why I have been always trying to get your clothes, ever since I was little.”

(Well bitch, you did steal my clothes all the time so I guess you DO love my style. But for me is just… plain? I don’t think I am what you would call fashionable. I wear what I like as long as it is cute and cheap.

  • “You are great at persuading people. You have always been able to get me to do what you asked because you tried to negotiate with me”

(Don’t you mean blackmail?)

  • “You are so dedicated. You know a little bit of everything. You write so well, you have an amazing voice (I don’t know why you don’t sing more often), you can cook, you know how to crochet, you can do your own nails and you can even cut your own hair and make it look like you’ve just left the hairdresser (maybe even better than mine, she never does what I ask). To me, you are an inspiration!”

(Of course I can cut my own hair, and crochet… it’s called youtube.)

  • “You’re someone people can really trust. If someone tells you something you keep it to yourself and never say a word about it. I know that I can talk to you because you will always be there to listen”

(Well, I guess I can keep things to myself. But not without effort. I like my fair share of gossip, so I have to try hard to be quiet. Joking. Maybe)

  • “I think you’re too hard on yourself and what you cannot do, which makes you unable to see what you really do well. Many times you feel like a failure when, in reality, I can’t even understand how you can do so much at the same time.”

(It’s called being a perfectionist and being insecure. I always think that I should and could have done better. It’s a burden and I wish I wasn’t like that.)

  • “You’re very easily distracted. Sometimes I’m talking to you and I can see on your face that you’re not listening and that your mind is travelling.”

(Sorry about that. I usually have a lot on my mind and I can never focus on just one thing. I listen, it’s just hard to shut down my thoughts. The medication doesn’t help either, as it has side effects in terms of concentration and memory.)

  • “You’re very protective. Maybe too protective. Always worried if I have eaten (what I ate), if I’m warm enough, if I look at both sides of the road…It’s good that you worry about the people you love but, many times, you overreact and make me nervous or anxious.”

(Again, you’re my baby. Also, you DO sometimes forget to feed yourself or to take an umbrella or an appropriate coat. I just don’t want you to suffer, so I worry. And try to take care of you.)

  • “I think that you’re fair in your judgement and in your actions. You always try to do things the correct way and keep the world at peace”

(Well, I try to be like that. To be fair and to bring something good to the world and to be kind. Also, I don’t like conflict so I try to be everyone’s mediator (not stressful at all).

So, this is what my little sister has to say about me. Really nice things that made my heart happy, even if I don’t agree with some of them. Thank you, love.


15 thoughts on “Me, according to my sister

    • We were not always close, I’ve been taking care of her for as long as I can remember and I was more of a second mother figure than a sister so we would butt heads really often. But it was all worth because now she tells me that I was the best sister because was always trying to keep her out of trouble and making sure she was taking care of herself. Now that we are grown we are best friends and talk about everything. Sometimes she is even the one having my back and taking care of me. I’m sure your girls will stay close, having a sister is amazing and they will realize that 🙂

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