La La love it and plans for the week

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Before I tell you about my plans for next week I’m doing the expected weekend recap, which I feel that I shouldn’t do because I never do anything that someone would consider interesting, unless your hobby is grocery shopping and and folding laundry. Anyway, I FINALLY watched La La Land and OH MY GOD! I absolutely loved it, cant’t stop singing and humming the songs and cried ugly tears while watching the end. Twice. I made (should I say forced? He doesn’t like musicals) my boyfriend to see it on the next day and cried like a baby again, while he looked at me like I had two heads. The movie is so so good. I dislike musicals because I usually feel like the singing and dancing make no sense and cut the story into pieces, but not with this one. I love the music and the dancing and the story and everything makes sense and looks beautiful and I just loved it. I’m sure it will wipe the Oscars clean. The quote “the worship every thing and value nothing” said by Sebastian keeps popping into my head because I feel that it makes sense about so many things. I’m really glad I watched it. It made my heart happy and then sad and the feelings were amazing. I also watched Arrival on Saturday afternoon and wasn’t expecting much because of the alien theme,, which is also not a part of my list of favorites, but I was so wrong. The movie is really good, with a great plot and unexpected ending. I totally recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet. I guess that’s what is worth sharing about my weekend.


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First, let’s check last week’s to-do list:

  • Put away all the laundry that I folded and iron a few things; – nope, not all of it.
  • Find a new psychiatrist and therapist; – Just the first one, still looking for a new therapist.
  • Sign up for a gym membership or at least decide what I want to go for; – Have decided, haven’t signed up.
  • Find time to take my dog to get her vaccine; – no, hopefully this week.
  • Meet my friend Rita for coffee; – didn’t happen.
  • Answer emails asking about English lessons – done;
  • Bake a cake that actually grows; – Baked the cake, did not grow but tasted really good.

As I’ve said on my last post, it was a really shitty week so I’m not surprised by the fact that I didn’t accomplish much. I will try harder this week. This are the tasks that I need to get done:

  • Find a new therapist and schedule and appointment;
  • Take my dog to get her vaccine;
  • Prepare my schedule for the beginning of the semester, and deal with the changes;
  • Prepare myself and my materials for the beginning of the semester, so I can go to my classes fully prepared;
  • Reorganize my working schedule because, obviously I’m not able to keep going the way I am with 12 hour days and coming home finishing at 9.30 p.m;
  • Schedule a doctor’s appointment for both of us (for March, because they are already full for the month of February, great healthcare service)
  • Deal with the laundry, all of it; It has been out of control for a long time now.


Favorites (12).jpg

  • Miss 0 days of work; It doesn’t entirely depend on me but I will try really hard;
  • Do a pantry challenge;
  • Go te bed earlier than usual;
  • Watch the rest of the nominees for best picture;
  • Start reading! Anything.
  • Get some organization done!







11 thoughts on “La La love it and plans for the week

  1. I haven’t seen La La Land yet, but I’ve heard such great things about it! Also, love that you share your to do lists on your blog. I love seeing what other people are getting done in a week – makes me want to be productive too!

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    • Thank you so much for your comment. It’s actually my very first! I also love reading about goals a plans and to-do lists. They inspire me and make me want to get things done. I would say that’s one of my favorite thing to read in a blog.


  2. I love the idea of weekly goals! AND OMG, don’t even get me started on La La Land! I am so obsessed, I have bought the soundtrack and just listen to it all the time ❤ ❤ I cried SO hard at the end but at the same time, I felt the ending was so fitting because they got their dreams, the one thing they wanted before they met each other. The fact they helped each other achieve their dreams is symbolic of the fact that they will always be part of one another! ❤ ❤ I really want to watch Arrival, too, as I love Amy Adams!

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  3. Let us nor start La La land now, I was absolutely obsessed for a couple of days with everything that had the slightest connection with this movie! How I love Ryan after watching this movie and the music!!!!!
    I should stop, and that is a very great way to accomplish little things everyday- those to-do lists! 🙂


    • I love lists! I can’t do anything without them. Sometimes I’m a disaster even with the lists lol but they help me get organized. I’m still obsessed with La La Land!


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