This is us and This Is Us

Remember my plan to watch Manchester by the Sea last night? It didn’t happen. I left work early (and by early I mean 8 p.m) and so we got home between 8.30 and 9. p.m. After a romantic dinner of cereal (for me) and leftovers (for him) I had the bright idea to suggest that we should do something crazy and go to bed by 10 o’clock, and so we did. As you can see we are super cool people. I guess this is us now.

Now, about the show. Oh my God, I’m so in love with it. It is beautiful and touching and it makes me cry happy and sad tears multiple times during one episode. It also gets better with every episode as we get to know more and more about each character and their past. I don’t even know how to describe my love for the show, but it is definitely one of the best I have ever watched (and I’ve watched many – yes, I watched parenthood). I’m also not the only one who thinks that it is a really amazing show since it is currently rated 8.9 on IMDB. One of my best friends is also hooked on the show, which is great because I have someone to talk about it until I can convince Mr. R to watch it with me. He is usually an easy one to convince, I mean I forced him to watch all six seasons of Sex and the City. He stopped at episode 6 or 7 of Making a Murderer, which is kind of weird because the documentary is just brilliant. Maybe he got bored. We are currently watching American Horror Story together (he had to convince me) and I’m having a hard time going through season 4 as I think it is really boring. I loved season 2 though. We are also waiting for The Walking Dead to come back, but I’m still mourning Glenn so… I can wait. Damn it, I can really fit 12 different subjects in one paragraph, can’t it?



Now, I feel like I need to talk about my day because it was a really bad one. I could not get out of bed in the morning and had to change all my lesson schedules. My sleeping medication is really strong and I am usually barely functional in the morning, but today was one of those days where my body refuses to do anything but sleep. Most people are not aware of this physical side of depression. The heaviness, the body pain, the fatigue. It is really hard to deal with and I hate it when I’m not able to have a normal working day and be productive and accomplish things. I tried to get out of bed and take care of some laundry but my body just laughed on my face and said “nope, sorry”, so I just slept all day. How sad is that? Also, I have lots of nightmares. It is not good, restful sleep. Anyway, I should go to bed now, to sleep some more, this time at a regular hour, when everyone else is also sleeping and I don’t feel like a failure.


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