Yesterday the dog ran away

Yeiiihh, it’s Friday. Just kidding, I have to work tomorrow so for me it is like Thursday.

I read so many blogs and all of them have some kind of version of a “Friday Favorites” list, where the bloggers write about their current favorites, the highlights of their week, etc. I thought I should try something like that and see 1. if I like it, 2. if I can keep up with it every week.

Favorites (1).jpg

  • The fact that I was able to finish the week with a very positive balance in terms of earnings from my business (I’m self-employed and earn by the hour), which is great and doesn’t always happen. I’m not going to talk about numbers but this was a very good week.
  • Yesterday I went shopping and got great deals on all the things that I needed. Fabric softener and hair conditioner 50% off (my favorite brands), two boxes of strawberries for 1,75€ each instead of 2,99€, two very cute little plants for 0,99€ each (I left one at the office and took the other one home), some amazing chocolate, fat-free and lactose-free milk (I got 2 cartons for 1,19€ each instead of 1,37€, I think, which is not much but this kind of milk is expensive comparing to “regular”milk.)
Tiny little plant
  • As a tutor (who works long hours)/student I always need new markers because they run out of ink really fast. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on them (maybe that’s the problem) and so I always buy the cheap kind. Yesterday the stars were aligned and I found a really great pack from a really great brand (at Lidl) for 1,99€. It made my day. Now I will keep using my old ones because I’m saving them for a special occasion. Just kidding. Maybe.


  • I was able to talk to one of my best friends who lives in Vienna and it was amazing to have the chance to catch up. Since we both have busy schedules and because we are living in different countries, we don’t talk as often as we would like to. I really miss having her around.
  • This week I found a way to leave work early twice (which is rare) and so my boyfriend and I were able to do something else in the evening, instead of getting home and crashing in bed. Yesterday I even cooked two different dishes. I was on a health kick (so rare) and wanted something with Brussels sprouts for dinner. We usually buy them frozen from but the supermarket we went to was out of them, so we settled for broccoli.We ended up having grilled salmon for dinner with steamed broccoli and some boiled potatoes. It was really good, even for healthy food. I then decided to cook something else so we could bring lunch to work today, since the salmon was not enough for more than two portions. I came up with some type of beef roast with lots of veggies, onions and cornbread. It was also really tasty and I made enough for tonight’s dinner. Getting home earlier also means that we are able to light the fire and relax while we watched something. Yesterday I even got a massage. I have a bad back but a good boyfriend.


Favorites (2).jpg

  • I missed a day of work, which means I was bad enough to miss a day of work which is really sad and frustrating and I hate it.
  • Obviously all my family problems and bad news. My auntie is better physically and a little better emotionally but it is still very hard for her and she will need some time to heal. My grandmother is not better because she never will be. We need to accept it now that we have a complete diagnosis. It’s hard for me, really. To see someone just fade away. Die a little each day. To know that they are not there anymore.
  • I’m still bored with the fourth season of American Horror Story and I have only watched 4 or 5 episodes. It drags on and on and I don’t know if I can take it. I also haven’t watched any of the movies I want to watch.
  • Saving the best for last. Yesterday my dog, Miss. R., decided it was a good idea to escape and start running around the neighborhood. Let me rephrase this. Yesterday my dog decided it was a good idea to escape and start running around the neighborhood, at 8 a.m, while it was raining cats and dogs, and we were already almost late for work. We, of course, had to chase her, corner her, threaten her, but it took several trials until we could finally get her home. 30 minutes later, we got into the car, pouring wet, very late for work and hating life. Oh, I forgot to say, she escaped because I left the gate open while we were leaving for work, thinking that my boyfriend was right behind me. He wasn’t. Lesson learned. Always keep an eye on both gate and sneaky dog. I’m such a disaster. She’s so cute, tough.




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