Oscar Nominees and more

If you know me (which you don’t), you know I love the Oscars.  Every year, I watch the ceremony and anxiously wait for the winners (Go Leo!). Before that, I watch every movie and pick favorites, which makes it more exciting. Then, I lay on the couch, fighting sleep, so I can finally know who wins in my favorite categories, which obviously are the last ones. I could survive only knowing who is winning Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Actress, but those require a long 6 hour wait, endless snacks and working with an Oscar hangover on the next day because you went to bed at 6 a.m (I live in Portugal). But it is all worth it. At least in my opinion but don’t ask my snobbish Cinema Major student, who thinks that only Cannes is cool.

So, I have no idea what happened but I haven’t watched a single one yet. I’m soooo late. I need to convince my boyfriend to watch something tonight. I’m thinking maybe Manchester by the Sea? I’ve been wanting to watch it since I first heard of it, so it will probably be a favorite. I really need to watch them all before the ceremony. It’s my annual tradition and I love it. I guess I’ve been extra busy for the last few months. I have twenty something students, with different levels and needs, never get home before 9.30 p.m, and I’m taking 6 different courses at university. That’s a lot of reading. Also, my energy levels are not good and November and December didn’t go so well. I had a car accident, nothing serious but scary and hurtful enough to take almost a week to recover from. I had a health scare with my dog, also nothing serious. I changed medications more than once and had a few anxiety attacks. I feel like I’m always rushing and I guess that every year it goes faster. I think that last year I had already seen all of the films while they were still predictions, ha! Don’t ask me how.

I’ve just realized that my blog name sounds too happy for the its content. I don’t want that to happen but unfortunately I only have bad things to talk about today. Yesterday I found out that I failed a course that I had worked really hard for. That’s not so bad. I can do it in July. I have a second chance. I don’t like failure, but I need to learn how to deal with it. So, let’s forget that one. I also got the news that my auntie lost the baby that she was expecting. I was going to be the baby’s godmother. She is devastated. She is 43 years old and she really wanted that baby. That’s a tough one to see the bright side of. I feel really sad for her, for what she is going through, for the baby we will never meet and also, selfishly, because I will no longer be a godmother. I was really proud of myself for a few days. In the end, everything will be okay I guess. God knows best.

And the last paragraph has nothing to do with the Oscars. But it was really natural for me to write it. The words just came out, so I guess I needed to talk about that. Now that it’s out, I need to move on. Focus on the good things in life. Like watching a movie, on the couch, with my boyfriend and dog. Just a few more hours until I can do that.


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5 thoughts on “Oscar Nominees and more

  1. Lol lemme calm your nerves then..

    Best actress – Emma stone hands down( She killed that dance scene when she first fell in love with Jazz in the movie)

    Best actor- Mind says Ryan gosling, heart says Denzel Washington and I will go with the heart 😉

    Best movie – That’s a tough choice to make
    La la land 50%
    Fences 50%

    But my personal choice will be either Arrival or Moonlight ^^

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