Just random…

Hey guys,

Are you having a good week?

Mine is okay, so far…

I thought I would share the most random thoughts:

  • I’m currently sitting in the car, waiting for Rui. He went to the store to get something we need for dinner. I’m so hungry and have a huge headache.
  • I think I stretched myself too thin at work today. I was dealing with two tables full of students. Three eight graders were studying English, six were studying History and a ninth grader was studying Portuguese. I was attending to all of them at the same time, dealing with organizing, questions, telling them to shut up. These two boys spent two hours provoking each other and being nasty, almost fighting. I just wanted to smack both.
  • I’m an idiot and I’ve eaten a pack of crackers today, nothing else. I was busy and stupid and you know.
  • I overslept and was late so I had to take a cab to work, which cost me 25€. My wallet cried.
  • I’m wearing a beanie because I was too lazy to wash my hair. And because I overslept.
  • I never seem to have any cash on me, which caused me to miss a bus yesterday. I was wearing gym clothes and walked 2.3 km because I wanted to catch a 3.30 p.m water aerobics class. I would shower and get dressed for work there, as I started work at 5 p.m. After walking that much and being very sweaty, I saw the bus leaving right in front of me. I could have run, but I had no money. A trip to the ATM later, I waited 1 hour for another bus and went to work wearing gym clothes (which is okay, no dress code, but funny).
  • Do you know this show “Super Nanny”? It just aired in Portugal and everyone of freaking out about children’s rights and such and there’s this huge issue and conflict between the network and this child protection agency going on. It’s weird, I don’t think it caused any problems in other countries it has aired before.
  • I need to wash all of these clothes I am lending my pregnant friend. Things I haven’t worn in a while because they don’t fit me right now or things that fit but can be worn by a pregnant woman and that I don’t mind sharing.
  • I’m having dinner with friends tomorrow.
  • I’m still super into podcasts and true crime and really want to watch this new show “The Alienist ” with Dakota Fanning.

I guess I’ve dumped enough random for one day. Rui is going for a run and I’m off to make dinner and some laundry.

Would you share some random with me? Thank you.



10 thoughts on “Just random…

  1. I’ve seen the British version here in the US, it actually aired about ten years ago now! that’s funny that it’s just gaining popularity in Portugal. It is an interesting show though.

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