27 thoughts on “Question of the day #3

  1. Yep. I was the youngest and it should have been scary. But one kid (my current bestie) came up to me and held my hand the whole day – dragging me along with her everywhere. She still doesn’t know why she did that till date but I’m glad she did.

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  2. Yes, I wore a plaid dress with plastic numbers sewn on the front with white lacey stockings and saddle shoes! I hated it.

    I remember eyeing the toy kitchen set all day, wanting to play with it… only to find out that we couldn’t play with anything on the first day.

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  3. I was super excited to go to school after seeing my brother go everyday. The night before I couldn’t sleep a bit as I was eager to be there. And my parents still laugh at me saying,” everyone else was crying outside while you ran inside the class and sat there”.😅🤦🏻‍♀️

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  4. I don’t think I can remember my very first day, but I do recall integrating myself into public school in the middle of first grade. It was quite the change from a private Christian school beforehand (:

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  5. I do remember a bit! I remember being confused as to why my parents wanted to leave me with a giant group of overly hyper and active kids that couldn’t even speak Spanish. (I was already so judgmental of them for not being bilingual lol.) 😂

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  6. My first day was filled with so many different emotions. I was scared (that my mother would even think of leaving me in this new place), excited (because it meant I was a ‘big girl’ now and I was dressed in my new clothes and shoes with all of my new things that had my name all over it) and yet shy all at the same time. I felt sick to my stomach to be honest. 🙂

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  7. I was so excited! I remember walking to school with my Nan, carrying my lunchbox, and looking forward to finding out what books were there! Happy memories 🙂 How about you? Would love to read yours too!


  8. My first day I do not remember, ask when I am 20 years older and I might remember lol. However I do remember going home and telling my mother that a little girl cried all day missing her mother. My mum told me to go to school the next day and make friends with her. Which I did and we are still friends to this day


  9. I dont remember it very well, but in the first month of school, I vaguely remember my mom talking to my class teacher because I had been struggling with the language (I didn’t know the local language then). She was kind to me and made me sit with a girl who knew my mother tongue 🙂


  10. Because I was homeschooled from the very beginning, I just remember bits and pieces of educational activities. The two earliest ones I can remember vividly are learning to read from little phonics books (with basic sentences like ‘There is cat.’ lol), doing printable math worksheets, and memorizing the words to a board book I really liked at the time called ‘Barnyard Dance.’ Looks like my earliest school memories have to do with learning to read!! That’s really no surprise. Because my mom has been teaching me and reading to me since I was very little, it’s hard for me to pinpoint the first day of school, as school has never been an isolated event for us; we’re all learning things all the time, from various sources. ❤


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