31 thoughts on “Question of the day #2

  1. My name is Farheen Shahnaz. I was born after 6 years of my parent’s marriage and so , Farheen was the name suggested by my father, which means “Joyful and happiness”. Initially, I was named Farah Naaz, but my father wanted me to be a doctor and there was a very popular doctor at that time named Shahnaz. Hence, Farheen Shahnaz. My parents decided the name after I was born. so, no names were decided for opposite gender.

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  2. I recently did a post on my name. Haha! Anyways, my dad named me Diana for he loved the name. I am glad that I was not named after any famous people although people tend to call me Diana Ross (which is okay) or Princess Diana (which I dislike).

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  3. How did you get your name?
    It’s my mom’s sisters name!

    Are you named after someone special?
    Yes I am, my mom’s sister who actually cannot have children of her own.

    What was the other option(s)?
    I don’t think there were any other options.

    What would you have been called if you were the opposite gender?
    I believe Alexander

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  4. My first and middle names are Linda and Isabel. Linda was very popular name when I was born and meant means beautiful in Spanish. I was named Isabel after my grandmother who died when my father was very young. Isabel also means beautiful in a number of languages, and I teased my parents that the two names canceled each other out.! If I was a boy, I would have been a Richard.

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  5. I’m after my Aunt, mine is a family name 🙂 Its not to common where i’m from either which is nice!
    I was almost called Hope!! Texting my mom right now to see what she would have picked had i been a boy 🙂
    Great question

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  6. Originally my mum wanted to think of J name for me since both parents and my older sister start with J. But they couldn’t think of one, so Angela it is 😀 When my younger brother came around, they gave him an A name too cause why not

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  7. I was named for my father’s best friend in college. He had been majoring in Chinese history, eventually earned a doctorate and is now a professor in Singapore. I majored in regular old history but still somehow ended up living and teaching in China for nine years.

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  8. My Dad strongly believed I was going to be a girl; this was in days before ultra scans so they never really thought of boy name for when born. Most Babies now probably never have alternative gender name as so many people find out the sex. When I was my Mum’s tummy though my Dad did give me nickname Ruphert after Ruphert bear as did not just want to refer to me as ‘it’.

    My Mum had always liked name Sarah and my Dad said it had to be spelt Belgium 🇧🇪 way like his Auntie Sara. There is lots of Sarah’s in England so pleased to be a Sara rather than Sarah especially as relates to Belgium ancestry.

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  9. My parents don’t remember how they found my name or even other options! Makes me so sad haha. All my mom has told me was that they wanted to give me a more American sounding name as they planned to go back to Mexico after working here a few years. I suppose one option could have been Ines after my grandmother but my mom’s sister beat her to it. If I had been a boy my mom wanted to name me Alejandro after my dad but my dad wanted his kids to have their own names so he didn’t like that idea! But I would have liked it as either gender so I could be called Alex haha.

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  10. Karunya is an Indian name and my dad decided on it because it was part of a religious recital he used to often listen to. I hated it for most part of my childhood since it was long and unattractive 😛 It means sympathy or kindness 🙂


  11. My name is my mom’s first name (Valerie) and my dad’s mother’s name (Marguerite)! So I get the best of both worlds, haha (: although I never did get to meet my grandmother Marguerite. She passed away before I was born. I don’t think my parents had decided on any boy names before they found out I was a girl. My name means strong (Valerie) and pearl (Marguerite), which I think are both beautiful meanings, but look kind of funny together, hah!


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