New and old followers, am I following you? – Social Media Links






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28 thoughts on “New and old followers, am I following you? – Social Media Links

  1. Hey Chey. It’s me. I’m alive. 😂 I know it’s been a while. Sorry for the unexplained absence! I’ve had a lot going on. I re-entered the blogosphere yesterday. 😁 How have you been? I’ve got so much to catch up!

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      • I’ve been busy. I’m doing great. I’ve started pursuing my Master’s degree. The classes have just started off and right now my schedule isn’t hectic but I think that might change as the weeks progress. But I can manage to find time for the blog. It’s a bit of a juggle but I hope I can make it work!

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          • Hey dear. I’m happy with the new courses that I’m taking. Even though there’s a lot of work, I love the subject. So it doesn’t feel like a lot. 😁 Everything went smoothly and I’ve settled into my new home. My roommates are great and everything’s going well. 😊


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