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Health for days journey – May 24th (It’s my blog’s 4-month anniversary edition)

Warning: Really long post ahead. Kind of worth reading I started this blog on January 24, 2017. I cannot believe I have been doing this for 4 months. I never thought I would go on after a few days because... Continue Reading →

Health for days journey – May, 2nd (Trying to get back to it edition)

Good afternoon loves, It's 1.36 p.m here. I'm eating brunch. I woke up super late because I was watching Poldark and obsession over something until 4 a.m. and then I couldn't sleep. Not something mine, I'm fine, every day I... Continue Reading →

Do you follow?

Are we friends on....? Instagram Twitter Facebook Pinterest YouTube Bloglovin If you already follow me and I haven't followed back, feel free to leave your links in the comment section and I will make sure to follow you everywhere (not... Continue Reading →

Happy 2-Month Anniversary to my Blog!!

It was a cold January morning... the day? the 24th... No, seriously. It's been two months!!!! Two months of blogging everyday!!!! I'm a freaking blogger!!!! I cannot tell you how much this little corner of the internet has changed my... Continue Reading →

The good day!

Today was a really good day! I was feeling like myself and extremely productive. I was able to accomplish many things: I hung two loads of laundry to dry, put a second one on the washer, hung it to dry,... Continue Reading →

This little bird is tweeting!

So... I created a twitter account. I have no idea what I'm doing. Send help!

Little thoughts and updates #2

I created a Facebook page for my blog, joined a few groups and all. The trouble is, I don't really understand Facebook. Never did. So I'm a bit overwhelmed, but trying to learn. I even create a group "Bloggers who... Continue Reading →

You can now follow me on Facebook!

Let’s forget about February, shall we?

This month was nothing like I was expecting. I had all this plans, things I wanted to do but, most of them, didn't happen. If you follow this blog you know that it has been a difficult month for me,... Continue Reading →

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