Random Photo Dump (23.07.2017)

First full-body mirror selfie ever
Another full body picture. Should add plus size
Mom’s kitten, Daisy
Funny face just after cutting my own hair


35 thoughts on “Random Photo Dump (23.07.2017)

    • She can’t. She needs to be with me at all times. And she’s really nosy too. It’s true. We have a crazy amount of tomatoes of 3 different kinds. I’ll be eating tomatoes every day for a while 😂

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    • Thank you, Carly. I cut it shorter this time so I took a bit of a risk, since I cut it myself. I guess it turned out fine. Thank you, I’m trying to eat healthy and pretty so I don’t get bored ❤️

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  1. Love the photos except food photos always make me hungry. Only thing better than a chute puppy is a funny l kitty 🐱. Like my cat who is afraid of a laser pointer 😛


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