Home office tour – Shared with Mr.R (27.04.2017)

Finally, I have an office tour for you!

The office is quite a small room, with a roof window. It is, however, big enough to accommodate us both comfortably. We access it through a door in the living room. It’s a cute little corner and I love the way it turned out! Check the pictures bellow!

His side:

Our desks are next to each other, with enough space between them for my pink paper bin
The man needs his computers and screens
He just left the angry bird there on purpose to mess with my pictures
From the other side
The storage unit I have mentioned so many times! It holds quite a bunch of stuff!
The wall hanger is actually behind the door, holding all of my book bags and both our cameras

Her side:

My desk
The bookshelf by the door
Pink mirror!
The bookshelf by my desk
Notice my cute little plants and an empty picture frame!
Closer look ate the bookshelf by the door!
Corner between two bookshelves (I have 3)
Stuffed animals and USA flag (North-American Studies girl)
Middle bookshelf (blurred, sorry!)
Right side of my desk!
From the door
My lovely board, full of postcards!
Left side of my desk
Upper shelves of bookshelf by the door
Same! Those are all planner. I know where I’ve been doing every hour of every day since 2009!

What do you think?

I know, maybe a little too childish for a 25-year-old! But I just love pink and cute stuff, I can’t help it!! I think I’ll be like this forever. My mother used to say I would get over pink and cutesy stuff with age, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m okay with that! Cute makes me happy!

You know you are free to give your honest opinion!!

Thank you for waiting!


72 thoughts on “Home office tour – Shared with Mr.R (27.04.2017)

  1. I love it!! I would love to have a shared office like this in the future! Your side is not all too childish, as a fellow 25 year old, my set up would be similar. But with even more toys and knick knacks. I own a lot of little toys and figurines πŸ˜€

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  2. Lol the angry bird to mess with your pictures! I love how both your desks turned out, nice and neat. The colors for yours of courseπŸ’• and it doesn’t look too childish at all! It’s perfect. I love how the desk has storage at the bottom! I also like the bookshelf how spacious it isπŸ‘πŸ½ I imagine it being pink, omg!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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    • Yes, he’s funny like that! I love my little corner. The storage under the desk I use for household stuff like Rosa’s things, candles, incense, Christmas decor, extra sewing materials, etc.


  3. I love it! And 25!? Omg I am 27 lol! And it is not childish I LOVE the way you decorated your side it looks amazing! His side looks cool with so many screens and stuff that is something that my bf might do lol! Love this post!

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  4. I love the light that you get. It looks like such a happy corner. His side is very business, but it’s cool you have enough space to fit both of you and accommodate both of your styles


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