Home office tour – Shared with Mr.R (27.04.2017)

Finally, I have an office tour for you!

The office is quite a small room, with a roof window. It is, however, big enough to accommodate us both comfortably. We access it through a door in the living room. It’s a cute little corner and I love the way it turned out! Check the pictures bellow!

His side:

Our desks are next to each other, with enough space between them for my pink paper bin
The man needs his computers and screens
He just left the angry bird there on purpose to mess with my pictures
From the other side
The storage unit I have mentioned so many times! It holds quite a bunch of stuff!
The wall hanger is actually behind the door, holding all of my book bags and both our cameras

Her side:

My desk
The bookshelf by the door
Pink mirror!
The bookshelf by my desk
Notice my cute little plants and an empty picture frame!
Closer look ate the bookshelf by the door!
Corner between two bookshelves (I have 3)
Stuffed animals and USA flag (North-American Studies girl)
Middle bookshelf (blurred, sorry!)
Right side of my desk!
From the door
My lovely board, full of postcards!
Left side of my desk
Upper shelves of bookshelf by the door
Same! Those are all planner. I know where I’ve been doing every hour of every day since 2009!

What do you think?

I know, maybe a little too childish for a 25-year-old! But I just love pink and cute stuff, I can’t help it!! I think I’ll be like this forever. My mother used to say I would get over pink and cutesy stuff with age, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m okay with that! Cute makes me happy!

You know you are free to give your honest opinion!!

Thank you for waiting!


Health for days journey – May 3rd (update)

Hey there,

Did you have a good day?

How are you?

I’m fine, I had a calm day.

Since I have a few things to show you, lets go straight to my to-do list:

  • Read blogs and comment and be up to date on the ones that I follow; – Still need to do a little of this today!
  • Make a list of all the Awards I need to post; – Didn’t get to it;
  • Unfollow people who never interact with me or haven’t posted in many months, or the ones I always read and comment but don’t do the same for me. I feel bad about this but I spend way too many time reading blogs and people don’t even seem to care that I follow them, so I will only follow the ones I like, the ones that interact with others and myself; – Done, went from following 700 people to following 300!
  • Fold and put away a HUGE load of laundry; – Did about half of it, still need to work on tomorrow;
  • Dry and put away the ton of dishes that I washed yesterday and wash the dirty ones from dinner. Story of my life is laundry and dishes, rinse and repeat! – Done. Not many dirty dishes for tomorrow!
  • Clean the kitchen and the living room, at least; – Cleaned the kitchen, including the oven and dusted the living room. Only need to vacuum living room tomorrow;
  • Take pictures and show you my new dressing table; – Done, will show it below;
  • Wash a few blankets and duvet and pillows; – Only 2 or 3 left to wash;
  • Interact on social media (I always forget to do this. People like whatever I post and I forget to return the attention. This bothers me way too much!! It’s just hard to keep track of everything, you know?) – Didn’t have time for it.
  • Talked to my mom and sister on the phone
  • Answered a bunch of comments and published 3 posts;

Food and water:

  • Lunch: Red lettuce, cucumber and raw onion salad with a little past and ground beef;  One orange; An espresso;
  • Snack one: three of those yogurt/jello thingies. They have about 40 calories each. I didn’t mean to eat 3, I meant to eat 2, but one of them seemed off, so I opened a third one to check it out and then had to eat the three;
  • Snack two: 1 piece of toast, half a mug of milk and coffee;
  • Dinner: 1 piece of toast, some tea with honey and a banana;
  • About 5 cups of water, plus this cup of tea. Not too bad;

I have no appetite today, have no idea why!

I’m grateful for:

  • The amazing weather;
  • Losing weight;
  • Drinking less coffee and milk today and more water;
  • The people that prayed for me when I needed them. Every thing is better now, my family member is still hurting and in a difficult situation, but much better;
  • Talking to my mom and sister;
  • A hot shower;
  • My green clay mask;
  • A happy dog;
  • A clean kitchen and living room;
  • Lovely friends!


My new dressing table:

The dressing table is just Rui’s old desk. I love the color and it fits perfect against one of my bedroom window so I had to re-purpose it.



I bough the mirror and a cheap IKEA blank bench to sit on. Super affordable dressing table. The pictures are not the best, I’ve just realized now. I might take new ones soon.

Some shots of my living room:


I love this towel because my mother-in-law embroidered it for me. She usually does this kind of thing for me as presents and I love them.

What do you think? I know, more pink.