Top 10 favorite TV shows of all time! – Part I

Today’s post is about my favorite TV shows ever. I’ve watched so many over the years and most of the shows on this list are no longer running but they have touched my heart (or just my taste) in the right way and I always go back to them when I need to watch something that is familiar and comforting or when someone asks for a good show recommendation. I have been caught quoting them or using them as examples in real life situations because I’m ridiculous like that. Let’s get to it, then.

  • House M.D. –  The show ran from 2004 to 2012 but I have only binge watched it in 2013 or 2014, I think. I had watched a few episodes here and there but only three or four years ago have I realized how good it was and how much I loved it. I have watched it many times ever since. My biggest dream is to be a doctor (I know, I’m probably too late for that and still not sure if I will do a career change and try to get in medical school, but that’s a subject for another time) and I love how they get into the medical part and not just the drama, like most medical shows. There’s also drama, obviously. The hot middle aged doctor who lives in pain because of his leg and has to use a cane and take huge amounts of Vicodin (which he is addicted to)  every day to deal with it. His difficult, bad ass personality makes him likable, which is a contradiction, I know. I love the conflict between his cold, “don’t care about patients” side and the one where you can feel that he has a heart that has been hurting too much, for so long. The fact that he is so intelligent and a brilliant doctor also contribute to my admiration, of course. I just love him and think he is one of the best male lead TV characters ever. Definitely a fan girl, can you tell? Oh, I should also mention his bromance with Wilson which makes me cry when I think about it.

  • Sex and the City – Come on, it’s a classic. I’m a Charlotte, by the way. I binge watch the show once or twice a year and absolutely love it. It’s a part of me. I love all the characters, the stories, the jokes. It’s really funny and entertaining. I don’t love the movies but I liked the fact that I was able to watch those characters again, after a few years and to see how their lives have evolved. I think we are getting a third movie and I’m really excited about it. I don’t care if they’re in their fifties now, women (and people in general, I know that) get old! They can be super cool and funny at the same time. We’ll wait and see. Love you, Mr Big. Also love you, Aidan. Shit, I would have picked both of them.

  • The O.C. – I have two words for you: Seth Cohen. The most amazing, cutest, nicest, funniest, most sarcastic geek ever. How could you not love him? And Summer. And their romance. The geek who got the pretty girl. That makes my heart so happy. And Ryan, from delinquent to rich kid but always a bad ass at heart. Always willing to save a girl or punch someone. Or a few people. And their bromance? Two very different people from two different backgrounds who became the best friends, the closest brothers. I even liked Marissa, even though she was the real troublemaker and ended up killing the show. I guess I like the four of them together the most. Kirsten and Sandy are the greatest, funniest parents ever, which probably explains Seth’s personality.

  • Masters of Sex – Besides the fact that it is set in the fifties through the seventies, which I love for many reasons, including the clothes, the makeup, the hair, and the way people lived in those decades in general, the show is actually really really good. Yes, sex is the theme. Sex research to be more exact. Research that was real and extremely important (They are real people, Virginia Johnson and Dr. William Masters, check them out) and that might not have been done otherwise. I love how forward looking the characters are, always ahead of their time and willing to do every thing in order to protect, defend and continue their work. I also love how they fall in love with each other and have a difficult and hurtful romance and relationship throughout the seasons and how they handle each other’s life changes and other partners. Sometimes I would get mad at Virginia, for the kind of mother she is. I think, and this is just my opinion, that you can be successful and work and be a good and present mother, which she isn’t. She will often skip on being with her kids to be at work or to be with men, which I cannot understand or justify. Bill is not the best father either, not being able to bond with his children so I guess they had that in common. They are so absorbed by their work and each other that they cannot focus on the world around them. It’s kind of beautiful and sad at the same time. The characters are very likable anyway, at least in my opinion. I’ve just found out that the show is being cancelled after 4 highly acclaimed seasons. It’s bad because I wanted to see more of them, although I know what happens because I’ve read their biography. I strongly recommend this show.

  • Dexter –  I don’t think I need to say much here, because everyone loved Dexter… up until season four ended. Some people even refuse to accept seasons 5, 6, 7 and 8 and just say that, for them, the show ended with season 4. I won’t make spoilers but I agree that the quality really decreased after that season and that things took a bad and boring turn but, before that, it was amazing. Oh Dexter, the handsome and nice serial killer, who thinks he is a monster but actually has a heart and is capable of loving someone deeply. I love the relationship that he has with his sister Debra (please let’s not talk about her!) and how close and funny they are together. She is awesome with her tough girl personality and fowl mouth… too funny. I’ve never wanted to watch this show, despite all the recommendations, because I don’t really like crime shows but I was hooked from season one and now it’s one of my absolute favorites. How can I have waited until last year to watch it? No idea. I just know that I fell in love with it once I got to it. I loved to be inside Dexter’s head. I kind of miss that, actually. I mean the character. It’s like I miss him. The finale is very controversial and most fans got extremely mad about it. Me? well, not the one I would have picked but not that bad either. That’s my opinion.


19 thoughts on “Top 10 favorite TV shows of all time! – Part I

  1. Some of these are my favourites as well with the exception of the OC and Masters of Sex. Never got adjusted to the OC and have never watched Masters of Sex, will have to look it up.

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  2. Robert Sean Leonard, who plays Wilson on house is one of my favorite actors! I loved him in the movies “Dead Poets Society” “Swing Kids” and “Safe Passage” I used to own all these on VHS but I really need to invest in the DVD’s.

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    • I loved him as Wilson. Such a good guy and so patient dealing with his crazy, selfish best friend. I loved “Dead Poets Society”, the movie is great. I don’t think I have watched the others but I will take them as suggestions and watch them one of these days 🙂

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  3. Oh have I had some marathon Sex In The City days. It’s even gotten me through some rough times. Just watching it transports me to a different world. It’s so much fun but also poses thoughtful questions. The It’ll always be good.


  4. Sex and the City is a great show! I strive to be Samantha with everything I do 😂
    I agree with you about Dexter, though. I think the second season was my favorite. I hated season 8 because he became so un-Dexter; not methodical and didn’t make the best decisions.

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