Top 10 favorite TV shows of all time! – Part II

This is the second part of my list of favorite TV shows ever. The shows from part one are no longer running but, in part II, only two have been cancelled. The other three I’m still watching but have already made it to the list of favorites. Let’s get to it.

  • Mad Men – This show is so great for so many reasons. It’s set in the sixties and that is probably why it is one of my favorites. I love the 20th century and shows that represent the different decades. I’m attracted by the clothes, by how beautiful and put together people used to look, you know, the makeup, the dresses, the men’s suits, the hats and all of the characterization. I guess we get to be slackers now, which didn’t happen at the time. You left the house put together, like a lady. I just love that. Part of me wishes I had been a fifties housewife and then my feminist side slaps me on my face and makes me feel guilty. Anyway, the show is really good and Don, the lead character makes me think of Dr. House because he is a bastard and I can love him and hate him at the same time. Also, nobody gets on my nerves like his wife. What an annoying and mean woman, but so beautiful, which I like because I can admire her dresses and hair and makeup. All the women in the show are gorgeous, actually. Christina Hendricks who, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful and sexiest women ever, plays a role and you get to see those amazing curves on tight secretary dresses. Do I need to say more? Oh, how I envy her.

  • This Is Us – I know I’ve said wonderful things about this show on the blog before but it’s really great. I think that, if I was doing this in a numerical order, it would be on my top 5 for sure. It’s so moving and beautiful. I have no words to describe how touching and perfect it is. It has already been renewed for 2 more seasons (if I’m not wrong) and that makes me very happy. How can you not love Jack and Rebecca. They’re the greatest couple and the best parents. They’re so good together, even in hard times. That’s the kind of relationship I want to have (And the kind I think I have, actually. In four years we have been through so so much together and have always been able to deal with it and still love each other). I cannot recommend this show enough… I need to force Mr. R to watch it. I will blackmail him with McDonald’s. Oh no, that only works with me.

  • Downton Abbey – Who doesn’t love Downton Abbey? The show starts in 1912 and goes all the way to 1925, I think. Those are such interesting years and we get to know about the Titanic, the First World War and all the changes that happen after that and into the twenties. I loved to follow the journey of this family and their servants and they made me cry and laugh many times. Yes, I’m going to talk about clothes again. The fashion is great and you get to see the changes in women’s clothing and hair, between those two decades. Mary, one of the main characters is kind of a bitch, and can get on your nerves, especially when it comes to the way she treats one of her sisters but I guess that’s just her way and I believe she has a good heart. I really miss this show and I would have loved to be able to follow this family and their future generations for a few more seasons.

  • Call the Midwife – This is a British TV show that I discovered because it used to be on TV here in Portugal. One day I heard about it and my sister had watched a couple of episodes and told me it was great so I gave it a try and loved it so much. I have been watching it ever since (it premiered in 2012 and so far it is on season 6 and has just been renewed up to season 9). I’m not sure if many people know this show but it is so worth it. It’s set in the 50’s and early 60’s and tells the story of a group of nurse midwives and nuns who help mothers-to-be in a poor city of East London. Each episode is different and so interesting as you get to know pregnant women or young mothers and their stories. I love it because it involves Medicine, pregnancy and delivery issues and because it’s a period show, which is my favorite kind. Does anyone know this show? I highly recommend it. It’s also a true story, based on a memoir.

  • Outlander  – This is a relatively new show, since it started in 2014. I’m currently (not so patiently) anxiously awaiting for season three. The show is based on a series of books by Diana Gabaldon and tells the story of a married nurse, Claire, living in 1945, that somehow travels in time to 1743, where she meets the love of her live, who she falls deeply in love for (after she is forced to get married to him). She becomes divided between two worlds, two loves and two husbands. The relationship that she develops with her 1743 husband is absolutely beautiful and deep and perfect. True love at its finest. They become one and they are often times willing to give their life for the other. The historical part is very accurate and great and you get to see the Jacobite risings and more as she becomes involved with real historical events. It’s currently on my top five and I cannot wait for season 3 to start in the Spring. Oh, I just learned that I has been renewed for a fourth season. Yeih! Also, You should check out how hot Jamie Fraser, her 1743 husband is… OMG. It’s played by Sam Heughan. Google him, please.


28 thoughts on “Top 10 favorite TV shows of all time! – Part II

  1. Yessss! I absolutely love Outlander. ❤
    And I couldn't agree more about Jamie Fraser. That is one gorgeous man for sure. lol And his character is just so sweet, and brave, and awesome.
    I love the historical aspect of the show, too, and how well written it is. It has quickly become a favorite of mine. It's such good news to read that it is renewed for season 4! Can't wait for season 3 to come out. 🙂

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  2. Downton Abbey!! Ughhh I loved it so much. I started watching Call the Midwife and it was great. I stopped watching tv for a spell but this would be one of my top shows. It was a longstanding tradition of mine to watch all of the British comedies on our public television station every Saturday night. Yeah, but dork!

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  3. Downton Abbey is amazing, it’s definitely my favorite!
    I’ve heard so many good reviews about This is Us, I should check it out!


  4. I love love love Downton Abbey and really miss it being on! The famous was just so endearing and even though they were so different, they became so relatable because you got to know them so well.


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