Grow baby grow!!

Woo-hoo another amazing milestone!!

I couldn’t be happier!!

I won´t say it’s a surprise or that I wasn’t expecting it because, as you know, I check my numbers every day. Just keeping it real.

What should we do to celebrate? You guys decided?

Any special post?





What do you think, my people?

Give me your opinions, please!!

Thank you so much for following my journey, especially those who actually read my posts (I know, guys) and take a minute of their precious time to like my posts, or leave a nice comment. I love you so much!!





45 thoughts on “Grow baby grow!!

  1. Massive congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you! You work so hard on your blog and deserve it 😄 a blogging party would be fun, I would try not to be late again 🙈😂 or a q&a as love learning more about the person behind the amazing blog. Have a lovely day 💗

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  2. Congratulations! You are killing this! Haha I’ve been blogging for over 2 years and don’t quite have 200 followers yet. You are definitely doing something very right!

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  3. Congratulations!! You did it. This is no surprise though you work your butt off on your blog and you’re reaping the rewards. I would love a party 🙂 Hope you’re having a good weekend.


  4. This is fantastic! Congrats to you (: I’d say I’m all for a giveaway, but that’s just for us haha I want you to celebrate the way that makes you happiest xoxo


  5. Wonderful accomplishment, and who didn’t see this coming??? I’ve been playing with hubby since he was home for a long visit, so I’ve been slacking but was a very happy surprise to click on your blog, and seeing your readership flourish!! Well done, much deserved. And I’ll just go with my usual here’s to the next 1,500 😉

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