Super Pocket Full of Random + update + Blogging Schedule for Next Week (Exam Week)

Hey there, favorite people…

I’ve bee quite MIA this weekend, I’m sorry.

Yesterday I was super sleepy because of the change on my sleeping medication (already adjusted to less, so I’m fine and sleeping, we (my doctor and I) just had to try something.

So, I didn’t do much yesterday. I can’t even remember well, but I think I did just watch YouTube Videos and read blogs. I began watching “The Zookeeper’s Wife” but couldn’t finish. Rui went out with some friends and brought me back a Caramel parfait from McDonald’s. Then I went to be bed and slept late today.

I got up and met some friends at about 3 p.m, to eating something and talk for a few hours and then we went shopping. I HAVE A H&M HAUL COMING NEXT WEEKEND!!!

I bought some nice stuff on sale. I then bought some fruit and we waited for Rui to come and pick me up and we all went our way. We had lots of fun and my friend is now the proud owner of a lemon print romper.

As you’ve probably realized, I didn’t start my series of videos this weekend, as I had scheduled, because I wasn’t feeling well and because next week is exam week. You’ll get the first next weekend. They’ll be about 10 to 15 minutes each and you can check the theme/tittle of each one in my July goals post.

As a celebration for my 1500 followers, we’ll do a second party!! (Most people said they prefer party, of all of my suggestions. I’ll be even better than last. It’ll be on the 23rd of June. You’ll get more details soon.

I won’t be posting this week. I mean, I won’t be posting anything this week. As a celebration and to offer you some posts while I’m on exam seclusion, I’ll re-post some of my oldest/earliest/favorite posts, so you re-read them if you liked them back then, or read them now without much digging around – I have written almost 400 posts – if you are a new(ish) follower.

I think this is all I wanted to say, my friends.

I have an exam on Wednesday and another one on Friday. I’ll be studying my behind off.

Thank you so much for your support.

We’ll talk soon.




28 thoughts on “Super Pocket Full of Random + update + Blogging Schedule for Next Week (Exam Week)

  1. Can’t wait to see the haul☺️🌸Good luck on your exams!! You’ll do just fine✨ is going to mark the 23rd downπŸ’•

    Liked by 1 person

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