My Dress Collection – Part I

I was halfway through the post and everything got deleted and was not in my drafts. Don’t you get murderous thoughts when that happen? Or does it only happen to me? It’s quite possible.

A few days ago, I did a post on My Shoe Collection inspired by Angela’s post. I said I might do a similar post showing my dress collection and everyone seemed to be interested. Angela got on board, which made me really happy and Here’s her post – Favorite Dresses.

I feel really happy and blessed to have met Angela. We always share ideas and inspire and support each other. We are very different in some things (especially movies and series preferences) but we are similar in others. She’s one of my favorite bloggers to read and I consider her a true friend.

Now, before this gets too cheesy, lets walk into my wardrobe.


I was wearing this dress on my last video. I love that fact that it is A-line, which makes it quite flattering and forgiving. I love the pattern and the three-quarter sleeves, making it wearable, all year round. In winter I just throw a cardigan on top of it, a coat and thick black tights. It’s a size PT 44, US 14 and UK 10. I paid 8€ for it, on sale, at Primark, last October.


I really like the color on this one but I don’t wear it much because the lace sides show my love handles. I bought it at H&M for 7€ or 5€, I can’t remember, plus staff discount. I think it is about 3 years old. Oh, and it’s a PT size L, US 12 and UK size 16.


This one can be worn as a dress or as a tunic. I’ve never worn it as a dress because it’s short and it wouldn’t look good on me, due to my current size. But it’s fine with thick black leggings underneath. I bought at H&M, over a year ago and it cost 14,99€, plus staff discount. I don’t think it’s true to size. It’s from the teenagers brand at H&M and it’s marked as a PT size 44, US 10 and UK 14. I would said that it is closer or even smaller than a PT size 42, US 8 and UK 12. I just adore the pattern and it matches many of my clothes and accessories.


A few years ago, I worked at an art gallery as an executive assistant. There was going to be an opening and my boss said she would like to pay for the dress. I told her it wasn’t necessary and that I would happily pay for it. She insisted and I accepted. She said the only conditions were: black, discreet and chic. She told me not to mind the price. I went to H&M on my day off and my coworkers helped me pick this dress. My bossed loved it and, on the day of the opening, said I looked very elegant. Oh, I forgot to show you but it has an open back, which is really cool. I paid, I mean she paid, 40€ plus staff discount, so 30€ for it. I haven’t worn it since because it doesn’t fit at all, because it’s not a stretchy material. It’s a PT size 42, US 10 and UK 14. It was a little too big for me at the time.

Here’s me wearing it at the opening:

1961670_950977118248106_5568321157496092981_o (1)

I obviously cut my colleague (the body-guard) for privacy reasons. I was a red at the time and I was wearing my “I love H&M” bracelet which I wore every day. Thinking back, it might have been disrespectful.


This is quite short but I could pull it off three years ago. I love the lace and the color and I was surprised because, although it’s strapless it could perfectly hold my cup D. Amazing. I bought it at for, you know, 5£ and was really surprised because it was true to size, good quality fabric and arrived in 3 days, from the UK. I wore it to a wedding in August 2014. It’s a size M or US 6/8 or UK 10/12.

This one I bought at a cheap, local store for about 15 or 20€. It looks much nicer than what the picture shoes, actually. I wore it for a family wedding at 2008. It’s still in perfect condition.


I bought this one along the coral (or peach?) lace on at the same online store. It also cost 5£. It’s really great quality and also a size M. I’ve never worn it. It doesn’t fit now but it’s so nice I’m not and classy that I won’t throw it away. If in 2 years it doesn’t fit, it goes. I bought it for the same wedding (I bought 3 to choose) but ended up going with the other. It’s another little black dress.


You have no idea how much shit I get over this dress. I love it. No one else does. They make fun of me and say I look like one of those haunted little girls from horror movies in a nightgown. 😦 I love it and as Charlotte from Sex and the City yelled once “I CHOOSE MY CHOICE, I CHOOSE MY CHOICE!!!) It’s more burgundy than it looks in the picture and it cost about 7 or 8€ at Primark, last October. It’s a PT 42, US 10 and UK 14.


I absolutely love this dress. I first saw it on H&M for something like 29,99€ or 24,99€. You know I wouldn’t pay that price for a dress, unless it were for a special occasion. A month or so later I saw it on sale for 15€, plus staff discount (25%) I paid 11,25€ for it. I’ve worn it a few times, and I’ve worn it for my 24th birthday party, almost 2 years ago. It’s currently too tight. It’s a size M.


I love this dress but have never worn it. Too short, I think. I bought it at Primark for about 5€ and it’s still waiting to be worn. It’s a PT size 40, US 10 and UK 14.


Another favorite. Bought from Primark for about 20€ in 2011. I’ve worn it in 2 weddings, one in 2011 and another in 2015. It’s still impeccable. It’s a PT size 40, US 8 and UK 12. Funny thing, it has fit me through different weights and sizes. It still fits right now but doesn’t zip up.


This one is a tight, bodycon dress. It looks really sexy when I was thinner. Once I wore it to work at H&M, with thick tights and boots. Someone called my attention (one of my colleagues) and said I was too fat to be wearing that. I was about 15 kg lighter than I am now. That one hurt and I’ve never worn it again. I bought it at Primark for about 4 or 5€. It’s a PT size 40, US 8 and UK 12.


This one was a gift from Rui. I love the color, the texture and the fact that it reminds me of the 50’s. I’ve never worn it, though. It’s Primark and a size 40 (PT), 10 (US) and 12 (UK). It’s from either 2013 or 2014.

I have more, but two were in the washing pile and there were others I couldn’t take a picture of. So there will be a part too.

Which one if your favorite?

Don’t forget to look at Angela’s post.



Oh and I’m obviously sorry for the shitty photo quality. My phone is shit and apparently my camera is shit as well. Either that or I can’t work either device.

Thank you ❤




65 thoughts on “My Dress Collection – Part I

  1. Wow and I thought that I had to many dresses ;D And this ist only PART ONE!!
    I like all of them, but the one you bought on “everything5pounds” es definitely my favourite!


  2. I love flowy comfortable dresses, and you seem to as well. And I also love that hair color you had in the photograph. You love gorgeous in it! About the bracelet, it’s so funny how things we used to be so sure about can look absolutely ridiculous to us later down the line. I like to imagine which things I do now that will seem wacky or stupid to me 20 years from now, or 5 years from now.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So many dresses!! Makes me wish I didn’t declutter and give away some of mine 😢
    I really love the colour of the last one, I wish I had something sea green but I can never find anything!
    And hey, in regards to your cheesy opening, I feel really happy and blessed to have met you too. You’re one of my best blogging friends, and now we talk on Insta as well (and you added me on Facebook 😛 ), you’re becoming one of my real life friends too even though we have never met 😀


  4. Whaaat how can they not like the burgundy dress ? 😦 It looks so cute ! I would love to have it in my closet. You have great taste for dresses, I love all of your collection 😊💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • Let’s say my friends don’t really dress in cutesy stuff. They have made my name into an adjective. When they see something too girly or frilly, they say “That’s too Cheila” lol Thank you, dear. Get ready for part II. I also love your taste for clothes!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Eeeh, that’s too bad. But now that I think of it my girl friends don’t like cutesy clothing either, on the other hand my boy friends really like this style. Not sure if it’s universal or if I have reversed friends haha 😅 Thank you dear 💗


  5. The strapless pink frilly dress is my favorite 🙂 I see a lot of lace material in your dresses, it’s one of my favorite styles as well. What a rude thing for your old co-worker to say.

    Liked by 1 person

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