My Shoe Collection – Inspired by Angela

Hey there,

I though I would show you my shoes!

Angela did this post: My Shoe Collection a few days ago and I asked her if I could borrow the idea. She said yes and so here I am, showing you my shoes.

These are my rain booties. They cost about 9,99€ and I’ve had them for about 2 years, maybe more. They’re holding up pretty well.
My favorite everyday sandals. They’re rubber or plastic and they are super comfortable and great for hot weather. They cost 12,99€ about 4 Summers ago. Still perfect.
Pretty basic H&M ballerinas. Super comfortable. They’re just over a year old and they cost 9,99€ plus 25% staff discount, since I used to work there part-time.
My work out shoes. Pretty basic from Reebok. I bought them about 2 or 3 years ago on sale for 17,99€.
Just the cutest sparkly sandals. I love the color and the fact that they cost 3€. Oh yes, super bargain. They’re about 2 years old.
Cute Primark 5€ sandals. They’re from last Summer and I just love the sparkle.
The cutest Havaianas flip-flops that one of my students brought me from Brazil in January. Notice the cutest little dogs?
I love this black booties. I bought them about 4 years ago. The heel is higher than it looks but they are super comfy.
Lovely nude Mary-Janes I bought in September 2015, for a wedding. They were on sale for about 13€ (lucky me) and I love them so much.
Black Primark flats, from the kids section (I buy there often) They’re 2 years old and cost 5€. I love the bow.
Black sandals I bought for a wedding in August 2014 but ended up not wearing. They were bought online from “everything 5 pounds” and they cost, well, 5£.
Nice print Primark sneakers. They were about 3 or 4€, about 2 years ago, probably more.
Basic 2€ flip-flops
Black Pumps form Zara. I bought them on sale for 20€ in 2009, for New Year’s Eve.
Basic, cheap 2€ flip-flops
Primark flats from last October. About 6€.
Another pair of Primark flats, 5€.
My booties, bought last October for 15€ at Primark.

See? I don’t have that many. I used to have more, but I got rid of 3 pairs a few weeks ago and I’m always getting rid of the old ones because I don’t like them when they look too worn. As soon as they get an imperfection I part with them.

I want to buy some new  high-heeled sandals soon and some espadrilles as well.

What about you? Do you own many shoes? Do  you wear them until they fall apart?

As you can see, mine are always pretty cheap. Do you spend a lot of money on shoes?

I would love to see your collection. If you do it, just tag me so I can check it out and don’t forget to tag Angela because it was her idea!

Thank you so much for reading.



P.S. I’m thinking of doing a post showing you my favorite dresses. Would you like to see that?

Dear Angela, will you do it with me?


115 thoughts on “My Shoe Collection – Inspired by Angela

    • I understand. I used to be like that. But nowadays I don’t buy anything that doesn’t match most of the clothes I own. Either that or neutrals because you can wear them with every look. I actually bough my burgundy flats to match a winter coat and a few dresses and shirts. I had them in mind when I bought a bolder color 🙂

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  1. Love your collection! I have way too many shoes, most that I don’t even wear. I used to work in a women’s shoe department so I bought a ton of shoes then haha. I totally want to see your favorite dresses!

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  2. Now that’s an enviable collection. I love the H&M ballerinas, the Mary Janes, those black pumps and so many others! (It’s kinda hard to go back and forth between the post and the comments section since I’m on my mobile so I’ll limit it to “the many others”) I’m so glad that you decided to do this post.

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  3. I am in love with those nude Mary Janes. If you ever get a scuff on them you can gladly ship them over to me! I have so many shoes that it’d be a project in itself to count them all. I’m certain it’ll be close to 50 pairs or more. I’m bad with estimations. It might be more than that. Obviously I have a love affair and a problem. Thankfully, I don’t buy them expensively. If I do this post, which I also thought about when Angela did hers, I’ll just show my very very favorite ones. And I’ll be sure to tag the both of you lovelies.

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  4. I love your rain boots and the dog flip flops!! I don’t own many shoes at the moment either. I always wore grey converse until they started to wear and it was annoying as they were a gift but for the for the real thing they tore up fast. I’ve got a pair from Primark now and they are holding up well. Although inserts are needed as those shoes hurt 😂 I would definitely read a post of your favorite dresses! Have a lovely day 😄 💗

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  5. How fun. I think the pink sparkly heels are super cute. 😊 My shoe collection used to be fun and eclectic, but now it is mostly flats, running shoes, and flip flops. And all have to have built-in arch support or insoles to accommodate my picky arches. But I got over it when I shifted from shoe shopping to clothes shopping 😉

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  6. I use to have one pair of shoes when I was earlier in life and broke lol. Now I have tons, and God blesses me with them so cheap. I have 3 pair of boots like your black pair with the high heels(mine are made by Harley Davidson) but kid you not they look just like the ones in your picture. Again a blessing, it was a store, the day we were there if you bought one pair you got 2 free!! I got all 3 the same because I really liked them, know they will wear out one day, and I won’t be able to find another pair LOL Now, I have back ups 🙂 But the poor, broke girl is still in me so I never pay full price. They have to be drastically reduced, or on clearance. So far I’ve been blessed and they have been. Love this post. YA shoes 🙂

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    • I’ve also been in a place where I couldn’t afford shoes and only had about 2 pairs. I used to wear a pair of boots that belonged to my grandmother because she didn’t like them and they were cute and the only ones I had. Also, my grandmother was a cleaning lady, so I would get the shoes the girl she worked for didn’t want anymore. I never forget where I came from and the fact that I have woken up thinking “What I am going to eat today”

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  7. Pretty interesting collection…I love the cute aqua sandals…so pretty…I notice you have more black shoes….I tend to buy a lot of black shoes too…I always promise to buy more colours but once I go to a store, I see a lovely black shoe, fall in love with it and buy it….I need more colour in my collection.

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  8. I think you have a cute collection of shoes. I look forward to the dresses. 🙂 I have about 8 pairs of shoes and they range from a pair of sneakers, sandals and closed-toe flats. I used to have more but I would hardly wear all of them and had to either give them away or throw them away because they would dry rot. I think less is best. I buy more when necessary like for a function but I don’t do the ‘just because shopping anymore’. Thanks for sharing.

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  9. I love your shoes!! So many pretty heeled ones too. I always want to buy heels but I also like to walk around a lot, and they make my feet tired. I am in love with those nude Mary Jane shoes though!!
    I don’t normally spend too much on my shoes in general either, they cost me $20 at most. How much is that converted, I don’t know. 😂
    Ooh, I’m down for a post showing favourite dresses. I don’t have too many, but it would be fun to share them with everyone 😀

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  10. Fun post! I remember Angela’s too. The Mary Janes are so pretty! They are my favourites from your lot though the ballerinas work well too for blister-free chic walking. My summer is being spent in the comfort of espadrille wedges and loafers 🙂

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  11. This is a lovely post (always)! I did a post about my sneakers that I own cause they’re all from the same site that I LOVE, but I haven’t shown any of my other shoes. I’d enjoy a dress version of this post from you most definitely (:

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  12. your dog flip flops!! love. And I also love your black heal boots! I have a similar pair and they are one of my go to’s for “fancy” occasions, which is like never haha.

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  13. I love those floral canvas sneakers you have! I have some Vans similar to that and I love them! I love the idea of doing a shoe collection, maybe one day I’ll try it! I definitely have a variety of shoes. Flats, heels, booties, riding boots, sneakers…I don’t have a crazy amount of shoes, but I have enough. Lol.


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