Dearest friends,

You have no idea the atrocity I’ve been through.

In an attempt to quit dairy, I decided to switch cow’s milk for a healthier option. I can go on without butter, cheese, yogurt but not milk. I need it for my coffee. So I first tried almond milk and hated it. So I thought I would try soy milk. It’s so popular, so many people like it, I’m sure I will. What a huge mistake. I tried it as soon as I got home and you have no idea the face I made. It’s just horrible. I can’t even keep it in my mouth. But I decided to give it a second chance and thought “I might not feel the taste with my coffee”. Oh, how wrong I was. I can taste that shit even with really strong coffee. I couldn’t even take a third sip. Screw you, soy milk!! Now, what are my options? I’ve tried rice milk a few years ago and it tastes like you have just boiled rice in some water, filtered the water and it suddenly turns into milk. Just unacceptable! I might cry. I guess I’m left with oats and spelt. Oh my. What shall I do? I need my milk. Can I get away with skimmed, lactose-free milk? It’s still cows milk. Help?

Anyway, remember the panties I bought yesterday? Most of them don’t fit and I can’t return them. The biggest number they had was L/XL which is kind of stupid because there’s a big difference between and L and an XL. In other places, I currently go for an L. They fit well and comfortably, becoming a little to big for me with time. So I though, okay, L/XL it is. THEY DON’T FIT ME AT ALL. It’s not like they’re a little tight or that their elastic hurts me. They really don’t fit. I know I’m overweight but I’m not that big to wear an XXL (yet). Nothing wrong with big numbers, everyone has a different body and a right to find good quality, comfortable clothes. I would never mind going up to an XXL in this store, even though I know it would be too big for me in other places. As long as I’m comfy and I like the product I don’t mind going up one, two or three sizes at all. No taboo there.

I’m a size 42, which means UK 14 and US 12, the equivalent to an L. To need an XL I would have to be a size 46 (44 is still large), UK 18 and US 16. So I went up two sizes and they didn’t fit at all. I believe they wouldn’t even fit my mom, a size 38/40 or 10/12 (UK) or 8/10 (US). So, you can see how ridiculously small they are. Anyway. You know this happens as well as I do, we’ve all been through this with smaller or bigger sizes.

Well, I should go and get some studying done.

Love talking to you guys.