Health for days journey – July 7th (soy milk can go to hell and so can my panties edition)

Dearest friends,

You have no idea the atrocity I’ve been through.

In an attempt to quit dairy, I decided to switch cow’s milk for a healthier option. I can go on without butter, cheese, yogurt but not milk. I need it for my coffee. So I first tried almond milk and hated it. So I thought I would try soy milk. It’s so popular, so many people like it, I’m sure I will. What a huge mistake. I tried it as soon as I got home and you have no idea the face I made. It’s just horrible. I can’t even keep it in my mouth. But I decided to give it a second chance and thought “I might not feel the taste with my coffee”. Oh, how wrong I was. I can taste that shit even with really strong coffee. I couldn’t even take a third sip. Screw you, soy milk!! Now, what are my options? I’ve tried rice milk a few years ago and it tastes like you have just boiled rice in some water, filtered the water and it suddenly turns into milk. Just unacceptable! I might cry. I guess I’m left with oats and spelt. Oh my. What shall I do? I need my milk. Can I get away with skimmed, lactose-free milk? It’s still cows milk. Help?

Anyway, remember the panties I bought yesterday? Most of them don’t fit and I can’t return them. The biggest number they had was L/XL which is kind of stupid because there’s a big difference between and L and an XL. In other places, I currently go for an L. They fit well and comfortably, becoming a little to big for me with time. So I though, okay, L/XL it is. THEY DON’T FIT ME AT ALL. It’s not like they’re a little tight or that their elastic hurts me. They really don’t fit. I know I’m overweight but I’m not that big to wear an XXL (yet). Nothing wrong with big numbers, everyone has a different body and a right to find good quality, comfortable clothes. I would never mind going up to an XXL in this store, even though I know it would be too big for me in other places. As long as I’m comfy and I like the product I don’t mind going up one, two or three sizes at all. No taboo there.

I’m a size 42, which means UK 14 and US 12, the equivalent to an L. To need an XL I would have to be a size 46 (44 is still large), UK 18 and US 16. So I went up two sizes and they didn’t fit at all. I believe they wouldn’t even fit my mom, a size 38/40 or 10/12 (UK) or 8/10 (US). So, you can see how ridiculously small they are. Anyway. You know this happens as well as I do, we’ve all been through this with smaller or bigger sizes.

Well, I should go and get some studying done.

Love talking to you guys.



74 thoughts on “Health for days journey – July 7th (soy milk can go to hell and so can my panties edition)

  1. Our family only uses coconut milk due to health reasons; both our babies have a bad allergic reaction to cow’s milk as well as my hubby. I stopped consuming dairy after my cancer journey when I did my personal research and realized that dairy does cause inflammation. In my case if there’s any tumor growth, then I would be feeding it into growing larger. I think coconut milk has that creamy taste about it just like cow’s milk. I used to be a cow’s milk lover but had to give inπŸ˜πŸ’

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  2. After I started my Diary free diet, I have never regretted not having milk or not being able to not eat any milk product. I love drink tea, but I always prefer having almond or cashew milk to be added to my tea. It taste very good. Try almond, cashew or coconut milk. When I am in India I only get soy vanilla milk and I hate that for my tea and so recently from USA I brought coffee mate a Nestle product and it’s good. I enjoy drinking tea with it, try that and see

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  3. Hi Cheila. I too have had this milk battle, and am still in the middle of it! About 7 months ago I stopped drinking cows milk, as I thought it might be giving me an upset stomach. i was right – when i cut it out, my tummy problems weren’t as bad. Great! However, i too have struggled to find an alternative. I like milk in my weekend coffee and also on my cereal. So far i have tried all the alternatives I can find here in Spain – soy, coconut, oat, rice, almond…
    I find that most of them are too sweet for me, and taste so artificial that i’m sure theyre worse for my body than cows milk! So then I tried all the no sugar varieties of milk I could find…hmm, I realized I like a little sweetness! So, I have been having oat milk on my cereal – it’s ok for now…However, oat milk isn’t creamy enough for coffee…so I have soy milk for my coffee…i have found a that there is a big difference between the tastes of different brands. i have found a brand I am (more or less) happy with. I can’t say my coffee is the same as it used to be with cows milk, but it seems the more I drink it with soy milk, the better it tastes…like my body is accepting that after 35 years of drinking cow milk, this is not going to happen anymore!! …Good luck with this!
    …I’m sorry to hear about your knickers 😦 … i think you should go online and buy some other ones…maybe burn the stupid ones that don’t fit πŸ˜‰
    Take care and have a great weekend!
    – Carly

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  4. My whole family drinks cow’s milk, we really don’t go for “healthy” options. I feel like cows milk is something we all need, we grow up on it, right? It has all benefits that we need for health, I feel like these other options are popular just because of media, but that’s just my opinion. xx

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  5. Oh Soya milk is disgusting. I tried it once because everyone was raving about it! It was disgusting! Vanilla soya milk is a little more manageable, but I can’t imagine putting it on anything other than cereal!

    I HATE it when sizes differ so much between shops! =(

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  6. So…When I first switched to soy milk (I am back to dairy now but bear with me here) I HATED soy milk. Like with a passion. But I was going through a stage of lactose intolerance and I just NEEDED milk. The more I drank the soy milk the more used to the taste I got. A lot of the problem is the texture and how different from cows milk like we are used to. Keep giving it a shot. You will hate it for awhile and then one day it will just click and be like “oh my god, this isn’t that bad. Wtf, Becky.”

    Anyway, there are totally some stores where their “Large” is literally a XS. Like, get on the same measurement system! So frustrating!

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  7. We buy Lactose free milk as I’m intolerant to the lactose in milk (I get terrible tummy issues). I honestly can’t taste the difference Cheila. I put it in my coffee. I also love coconut yoghurt and eat goats cheese. I use coconut milk for smoothies etc and they are delicious! Good luck with your knickers! That did make me laugh! x

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  8. Primark is dreadful for sizes…I’m a 14, but I could use the size 14 panties from there as tents…

    Re: soy milk…devil’s spit…πŸ‘Ώ…brand does make a difference. Try Alpro oatmilk, that’s quite pleasant.

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  9. I honestly would stick with cow’s milk. I have tried other milk and they taste wrong to me. You’ve cut out all other dairy, so as long as you don’t have too much of it, why not stick with the original milk, not the fakes (I really don’t like other milks, you can probably tell πŸ˜‚).
    Also sizes have always made little to no sense when it comes to underwear or clothes in general. They change from brand to brand, store to store. Who knows? I only stick with Bonds or rio, as they’re brands that I know are reliable. I have no idea what brands you have in Portugal though.

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  10. Sometimes I drink almond milk with my Starbucks if I feel like being that person haha but otherwise I just drink whatever they normally use. I rarely drink milk to be honest though. Hope you find one that you like!

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  11. I wasn’t a huge fan of almond milk either, you should try making your own or cashew milk :). (I haven’t tried cashew milk personally just throwing out a suggestion). I use vanilla soy milk and I really like it, but it’s all about preference.


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