Have You Met Cheila?

Have you met Cheila? Angela says she’s pretty cool.


So, hey, quick intro. This is a new series I started yesterday called “Have You Met…?” where I talk about my favourite online friends, and hopefully convince you guys to go check them out if you haven’t already 😀

Yesterday’s was Have You Met Dippy Dotty Girl?

Ready, let’s go.

So, you’ve probably figured out who today’s post is about (cause her name’s in the title).

Haaaaaaaaave you met Cheila?

Btw, I love this photo Cheila!

The above photo came from me diving more into Pink For Days, which is the name of Cheila’s blog! Because she loves pink. Look at the jacket she’s wearing, pink. Case closed. Cheila, btw, if there was a spike in numbers on lots of your old posts, that was me! I got lost in a rabbit hole of posts, and I couldn’t get out for a while 😀

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